Can I remove the Ibotenic acid from a tincture by boiling it in water with citric acid for 150 minutes?

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Can I remove the Ibotenic acid from a tincture by boiling it in water with citric acid for 150 minutes?

Post by Musubi » Thu Oct 14, 2021 9:46 am

Hey Well you see I've ben on benzodiazepines for 5 years and studies have shown that muscimol is one of the only compounds that can heal the damage they have done to my brain ... a-analysis
Two potential medications that may restore GABAA receptor function are the gabapentinoids (Figure 5)
and muscimol (MML) (Figure 14). Since gabapentinoids increase extrasynaptic GABA levels and block
Ca2+ channel activity, more GABA is available to bind to extrasynaptic receptors. Because gabapentinoids
also block excitatory Ca2+ channel activity, they inhibit glutamate release and prevent NMDA/AMPA
receptor activation. Since NMDA/AMPA receptors become upregulated during BZD withdrawal, less
glutamate prevents this upregulation [42]. Therefore, the gabapentinoids may serve an important role in
BZD dependence. MML also exhibits promising properties. Research has shown that MML is potent
GABAA agonist and binds directly to the δ subunit on the GABA binding site [63]. Stimulating the δ
subunit is unique for MML since none of our other medications activated this isoform. In addition, MML
is not an allosteric modulator and does not induce tolerance like the BZDs, yet interestingly produces
similar effects [63]. If gabapentinoids and MML were used together, their pharmacology may benefit
GABAA conformation normalization. Since MML is a GABAA agonist and gabapentinoids increase
extrasynaptic GABA levels, their combined actions may alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Increased GABA
concentrations and a GABAA agonist may stimulate the GABAA receptor enough to allow its gating
structure to return to its normal state.

The thing is that I can get gabapentinoids from my doctor no problem. But I cannot find muscimol.
I was thinking of buying it here

But I also discovered this tincture ... -tincture/
Trouble is that I want to remove all the Ibotenic acid from it? I read on this forum that you could do that via boiling in water with citric acid. Can you boil the tincture this way to remove the rest of the Ibotenic acid ?
Please answer. It will literally save my life

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