Amanita Tincture Buying Advice

The Fly Agaric, most famous mushroom with a rich cultural history.
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Amanita Tincture Buying Advice

Post by Silent Bob » Thu Nov 25, 2021 4:01 am

Hi All,

Researching this for a friend and it is fascinating. We cannot seem to find information on Tincture vs Caps vs Powder.

He is leaning towards tincture because he thinks it seems more practical but he does not know if there are any disadvantages of tincture to pure caps.

He is looking at the various online stores and some show very detailed info on their tincture and some show nothing at all. Some show the quantity of caps used to create the tincture and others do not. He is confused by the pros and cons of alcohol content as well. He wants it to last as long as possible and he does not have any problems with alcohol content but research shows people asking for little or no alcohol content for some reason. Wondering if there is a reason for this.

Is there a detailed article somewhere about tincture that would answer all of these questions for him?

He has absolutely no plans to make tincture himself. Is there anything he should be aware of when looking at online stores for tincture?

Can anyone provide us with the pros and cons of tincture vs caps vs powder?

Does tincture have different core effects to caps?

Thanks for any help :-)

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