Microdosing: significance of non-dosing days

The Fly Agaric, most famous mushroom with a rich cultural history.
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Microdosing: significance of non-dosing days

Post by max » Tue Oct 04, 2022 2:26 am

Hi All,

If following the micro-dosing protocol suggested by Amanita Dreamer, one starts by consuming doses on three consecutive days, followed by days where none is taken.
1) what is the purpose/ what is happening during these "off" days? Is it allowing the body to integrate the input of the mushroom; like adapting to exercise?
2) Is it recommended to adhere to these off days even if one is uncertain of having found their ideal micro dose over the course of those first three dosing days? I don't know if I've found my ideal dose or not. I DO feel subtle changes, AND I'm asking about the down-time, because the urge/pull to take some today, even though it is an "off" day on the calendar is VERY strong. Wondering if this is a situation which calls for going with my gut and listening to the mushroom, or for resisting some weakness or impatience in my own personality.

Would love to hear your input.
Be well!

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