[ Work in Progress Research ] How Mushrooms could tie it all together

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[ Work in Progress Research ] How Mushrooms could tie it all together

Post by Spore » Sun Oct 27, 2019 3:11 am

My Personal Research and Findings on how Mushrooms may actually be at the root of many traditions, religions, and even the secrets of Alchemy

A lot of my research comes from ambrosiasociety.org, I didn't include sources, but a lot of my stuff is anecdotal and from various sources. Again, a work in progress and essentially a document that includes my thoughts and notes, lots of conjecture and no sources YET.

>> Open Research Google Doc <<
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Re: [ Work in Progress Research ] How Mushrooms could tie it all together

Post by Amanita Research » Sun Oct 27, 2019 9:21 am

Thanks for that. I've had many of the same thoughts over the last few years. I read the Ambrosia Society research nearly ten years ago and thought it very interesting. What was strange was that over the next ten years I kept stumbling on things which generally supported the research, that Amanita Muscaria was behind many world cultures. Some things suggested there was something even deeper at work. Even to this day there are people who use Amanita Muscaria amongst the kurds and in Afghanistan. It is thought that this come from the original Mithraic traditions (which led to Christianity in the Roman Empire thousands of years later).

What I'm really interested in is the culture, if there was one, that carried these ideas around the world. It was this book that finally pushed me to look into all this properly. He was talking about the various cultures in Prehistory around Iran and their various religions and cultures. They (the Magi of Mithras) spread from the Mediterranean, up to Scandinavia and all the way across to China, laying the foundations for many of the world religions. Via the Vedics in India, the Zoroastrians in Babylon (which was foundational to Judaism, Christianity and Islam) to even further afield. They were, of course, the expert astronomers of Babylon which gave us astrology and then astronomy, and most of the great Greek thinkers spent time in their school before becoming philosophers. Pythagoras spent ten years with them, for example.

I'm highly curious to lay out all the evidence and see whether such connections really do (or do not) exist. Obviously I'm also interested in seeing exactly what Amanita Muscaria does from a scientific point of view as, if these connections are real, why were they so interested in it. From my preliminary research, this is a very powerful mushroom. Far beyond just hallucinatory experiences. I even wonder whether the 'psychedelic' side of it is just a distraction.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this, I hope we can tie all together and get to the bottom of it all.

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Re: [ Work in Progress Research ] How Mushrooms could tie it all together

Post by AliceTetzlaff » Tue Apr 21, 2020 2:18 pm

Great read! Thank you for sharing this.

I have had some thoughts that i like to share with you, maybe it could help... ..

„"It seems also that the bible talks about a python spirit which Christian apologists say might be the kundalini spirit. Other than kindalini I'm not sure of equivalent or possible equivalent to holy spirit in eastern tradition. It seems a bit missing. Must further research."“

Interesting point. Try to track the trace back from christianity to Judaism and their history (for example the Egyptian influence...think about the global trade that took place in that time... so some people could brought some new thougts from India, or the Jews took some other sources...). The Serpent/Python/Dragon that are mentioned could be a symbol for other things, esspecially if its mentioned in the Thora, cause jewish folklore got some diffenrences in comparsion to christianity. (So it does Mesopotamian etc.)

Maybe holy geometry could help? (If you compare the geometric symbols and shapes at a mushroom trip and the holy geometry in the Kabala, Quram, the Mandala for meditation..etc.... there are a lot of common sense.)? And: the ghost of the ayuasca is often seen as a serpant and if you look at paintings form the atztec and the other amazonian people, the patterns often look like a serpant skin.

„9 months from Easter to Christmas and another 49 days to pentecost „
this is only a result of the assimilation from the early christians to the jewish holys days like pessah for example.

Try not to focus only on christianity. That is, next to the muslims, a realy young religion. Keep in mind, that „The Bible“ we have today is a product from „The council of Nicäa“. This council took place to establish and strenghten the power of the christian church, therfore the choosen 'christian' text could be inherent some sort of political influence... . Did you have had a look in this new gospels their found a couple of years ago? Maybe it could be interesting for you.

And, if you read the The Bible in english: There are a lot of translation errors in there. Some meaning of the Greek/Latin/Hebrew words are not known to us today or got so much meanings, that the translator have to pick up the right for HIM. Translation is, especially for hisotric texts a huge problem. Every translation is interpretation from the translator. Try to compare different translations with each other to get the best results.

„The Eastern traditions, many of which still to this day take their own tradition more seriously, seemingly than the Westerners treat their Christianity, seem to have a much more common sense approach to Jesus’ teachings and don’t seem very surprised by his words „

Great trace, take a look in Daoism or buddihst teachings there are far away from the Tibetan (mongolian for example, because the Tibetan is more an oppression than something holy). Eastern traditions in their roots are more philosophy than religion, that could be intresting if you like to find some stuff in common. Above all you like to look at Jesus more of a philosopher (like McKenna) than a founder of a religion.

I got a counterargument from an interesting guy, who claims that Jesus is only an invention from the Romans to put down some jewish rebellion at that time. That could be interesting too, if you like to take a look at Roman mythology and the mushrooms:

„The only way I was able to find the book the sacred mushroom and the cross was by searching on eBay and Amazon. I was unable to find any audio books for the sacred mushroom and the cross by John allegro or for Soma by R Gordon Wasson. There is a copy of Soma on eBay for $1000 most of the issues of that book are over $200 with the majority of copies in the 400 to $600 range.“

The german Amazon got it. -> amazon.de -> "the sacred mushroom and the cross" -> :)

„There are tens of books that were part of Jewish canon which have been lost to time. The book of Enoch for example is likely quoted by Jesus in the parable of the 7 wives, where he says that marriage does not occur in heaven and that instead people are like the Angel's. The book of Enoch is said to be taken out of the bible because the only copy we have, has been tampered with. There are many books also quoted in the old testament which we no longer have access to“

Maybe a look in the Kolbrin could bring something new for you? (or arabic writers, the Quran.....?)

„R. Gordon Wasson of Harvard has identified Soma of the Eastern traditions to also be rooted in the Amanita Muscaria!  „

That is only a guessing. We still don´t really know what the soma is.

And you wrote about pop culture. Here some older pop culture that describe a trip on amanita (and othes like solanum) realy well :D

https://eu-browse.startpage.com/av/anon ... 2c2c7cbaf2
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Re: [ Work in Progress Research ] How Mushrooms could tie it all together

Post by tutursel » Sat Jan 16, 2021 6:01 pm

I believe the best option is to sit down, with the mushroom, in meditation. Ask the mushroom yourself. That is what you are missing!

There is something to say about our access to this knowledge, the Gnostic knowledge - only can be directly experienced!

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