News in Finland wrote this in 2012

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News in Finland wrote this in 2012

Post by joonas » Fri Oct 25, 2019 1:02 pm

The BBC's "Strange Nature" program provided an exciting insight into the ancient ways of the Sami.

The nature program deals with poppy fly mushrooms like the Lapland reindeer.
However, the program also says that the Sami shamans sometimes used flyworms to experience hallucinations in their various spending.
The shamans even drank the urine of a reindeer that had eaten a fly mushroom, "to establish a spiritual connection with the great reindeer spirit," the program continues.

According to the program, the fly fungus venom can create a feeling of flying in humans.
This leads to a "natural" conclusion: In the mushroom dust, the shamans saw visions of flying reindeers, creating a myth of Santa's flying sleigh.

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