From Toivo Immanuel Itkonen's book. Finland

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From Toivo Immanuel Itkonen's book. Finland

Post by joonas » Sat Oct 26, 2019 1:41 pm

Finnish Laplanders until 1945

T.I. Itkonen (1891-1968) was a respected professor of Finno-Ugric ethnology at the University of Helsinki. In particular, study the culture and language of the Sami.

"The peoples of Siberia often have female ladies who old Lapland photographers do not know to tell. The word witch (lp. Nōai´di) itself dates back to the Finno-Ugric era, as it is also found in the Vogolian language (ñājt). so the Obinugrian witch enjoys 3 or 7 mushrooms at a time. It is interesting to note that the Inar reindeer hereditary tradition tells us that the Lappish witch had eaten a fly fungus (with 7 commas). "

"In ancient times, when a witch baptized (kãstâših) another witch, the baptized one ate the 7-point fly mushrooms of her teacher. As he anointed the palms, he said, "drip, drip warm blood," while treating the soles, "trample on a strange land," meaning that the witch's spirit could be sent from far away.

"The Inari reindeer herders know about the so-called drumsticks (rum´b-āhkkuh). They ate fly mushrooms before they started using the witch drum. 1 as a referral. The witch could not baptize the drumstick nor did she. The witch did religious service;

1. Taalo (stāllu) is the most famous possessor of Lapland. “According to the Inari people, it is neither man nor possessor, but a" devilish "friend of the devil; half human, half damn. ”
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