Past their best Amanita Muscaria?

This is a forum to discuss the recreational use of Amanita Muscaria. Amanita Muscaria is an incredibly potent mushroom and has many properties which directly effect the human metabolism, the impact of which remains unclear. As a result we cannot endorse the use of Amanita Muscaria in a recreational or any other fashion, however provide this forum in the spirit of public education and harm reduction.
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Past their best Amanita Muscaria?

Post by Amaniat » Fri Sep 25, 2020 6:26 pm

I just wondered if anyone can tell me , I got a few A.M today but they were all (but one) turned upwards the cap I mean. When I got them home some of them had disintegrated at the rim (margin) like it had got wet kinda like soggy. Now I don’t think they were rotten and I made the mistake of lightly running under cold tap to remove dirt (I know I won’t do that again)

But I wondered if these would still be good? They are currently in my dehydrator I could take pics of required.


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