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Topical tincture

Post by Craig.m » Thu Nov 11, 2021 6:26 pm

What is the best method of making aminita tincture?

I have researched on extraction and conversion of muscimol and ibotenic acid and have a basic understanding of how this works.

So this said ....

I have read of people leaving Aminita's in alcohol for a week to infuse it, shaking every three days or so for 1 minute before straining then letting sit another two days before straining again.


Aminita dreamers method of conversion which I believe is (please correct me if I'm wrong) .....

I need to check exact quantities but firstly make the tea.

Dehydrate caps (no stipe) until cracker dry. (Up to 30% conversion)
Simmer for 20 minutes. ( Up to another 30% conversion)
Strain and throw away caps.
Decant into vessel.
Add alcohol (over 40% proof) as a preservative.

and lastly I watched Aminita Dreamers video on Soma which by adding the tea (as above) into raw milk and refrigerating for up to 12 hours you can achieve almost 100% conversion making this presumably the most potent.

So with all this in mind is there any way of getting the best out of Aminita Muscaria for use as a tincture by combining any of the above techniques?

For e.g would there be a benefit to leaving dried Aminita's in alcohol as with the first technique then simmer (including caps)until reduced and alcohol content is depleted.

Obviously with the Soma technique there is the preservation issue and this wouldn't last long as a topical tincture but I have found " yogurt extract" which is water soluble and used for face creams.

I'm unsure if yogurt extract would have the same effects as using raw milk but here it is ⬇️ ... t-extract/

I'm perhaps thinking that the conversion takes place during the milk to yogurt process but if this is the case maybe an extract could be made from the yogurt in order to preserve it.

Sorry for such a long winded post.


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