Fly Agaric Resin Extract

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Fly Agaric Resin Extract

Post by tgt1002 » Wed Aug 12, 2020 7:04 pm

I did a thing.

final result was 12g have not tested nor decided how I will test it.

This was done a new way for me.

After the mushies were chopped up and jammed in a jar as much solvent as possible was added. The solvent was made from 95% abv grain alcohol mixed with distilled water to dilute it to about 55% abv. This was shook up and placed in the freezer. After 12 hours it was removed and shaken and left out for 12 hours. Approx every 12 hours I would either take it out or put it in the freezer and shake. This was done for about 11-12 days. Then the mixture was first filtered through a nut milk bag while in the freezer. Several more gravity filtrations were done in the freezer to remove as much fat as possible. When finally happy one final filtration was done into a pyrex baking dish. This was lightly warmed to encourage evaporation eventually being fully dried in a warm oven with the door open and the goop was put in the freezer to harden and then was scrapped onto wax papper but still was too wet and was put back in the warm oven to get as much solvent out as possible. Then frozen again before being transferred into the little containers that are sold at smoke shops to hold Cannabis concentrates.

Just want to point out I probably didn't get everything in the mushrooms and probably lost a lot between that filtrations and what was lost in the process of getting the resin into the storage containers. Also they were probably weak mushrooms so idk how useful this stuff will be. I am currently keeping it in the fridge.

Any further questions I would be happy to answer
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