Amanita muscaria powder

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Amanita muscaria powder

Post by tricelium » Wed Aug 25, 2021 7:08 pm

Dear all

Following "Amanita Dreamer" for a while now, i'm so happy to have found this place. My name is Sandra, i'm from Switzerland and i'm 1/3 of a - let's call it -"witch three pack". :mrgreen:
One of our focus is working the transformational way with decarb. Amanita tincture (Microdosing). It's really difficult to send the tincture abroad so i'm looking for a possibility to prepare Amanita to be sent as powder. My concern is how to decarb. my mushrooms properly before making the powder. I'm looking for a maybe 60% decarboxylation, but i'm open to your suggestions. Like i said, i don't want my clients to "trip", but don't want to work with "just spirit" neither. I would love to have some active ingredients in my powder, but giving the participants the possibility to act and be part in the "society". I hope i could explain my request, sorry, if my english is challenging :D

Many thanks.
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