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Post by Garden gnome » Thu Nov 25, 2021 8:00 am

Very briefly, i heard Amanita Dreamer say in one of her videos, this was used by people for migrains. I would like to know if it helped some people.

I saw another person join, right after me, Mark. He might like to know as well. I am also no longer willing to take the 'medicine' modern medicine has to offer, and am looking for natural ways, mainly to prevent an attack.

I have not used any medicine, specifically for migrain, in about 15 years. For me, none of them actually work, so i won't take them any longer. Sometimes i reach for painkillers, but that's it. I do not use ANY pharma for anything after being severely dammaged by antidepressants. (It affected my memory sofar permanently, although it's getting better slowly, it has been about 5 years) i no longer feel safe with regular medicine or the various regulatory bodies for that matter. They failed humanity in a big way. Absolutely no psychmeds for me at all, ever again.

I have come a very long way already. Most of it had to do with diet, sleep regularity and stress. Since i have a background of eating disorder, insomnia and an inability to deal with any form of stress (in my eyes, they cause eachother) i need to be able to insert something, somewhere to halt the spiral downwards, when i lose my grip on things. To me it feels like i'm always running around, spinning plates, never getting a moments rest to just hang back and relax. If just one of them falls, i'm in a world of hurt for days or weeks. That's why i live a spartan, no frills life with not much going on but work, eat and rest.

Microdosing (psylo) took care of my eternal depression, permanently. I feel so lucky. It never came back in any form. My deal with the shrooms is sealed. Lionsmane is slowly healing my memory issues and i take reishi and turkeytails too, although i have no idea what it's doing for me. I do feel i have a somewhat stronger constitution now and no longer feel so frail i think i could snap off at the ancles if a wind blows. PTSD has subsided over the year and the eating issues are not always on the foreground anymore. All good things. Let's try this one as well. I'm not kidding. I cry with joy every day. It wiped it from my life entirely, from the second i started taking it. Nothing else has ever done anything positive for me at all. Depression is the most horrendous state of mind for me.

A migrain attack for me, can last from a few hour to about 3 or 4 days in a row. Lately i have been able to dial it down significantly by adressing the 3 issues i mentioned above. This has taken me 10 years, microdosing in this last year.

Now i need something to wallop it down, as soon as i feel one come up randomly. This is the last piece in the puzzle for me. The friggin' randos, man! Mind you, i HAVE in fact come a very long way. I came from a deep and dark place of intense, constant suffering for DECADES. Now i almost seem human with somewhat of a life. Horray!!

Please, consider dropping what you know or your own experience, in this thread for me, Mark and probably countless others.

I'm not in the ' looking to get high' crowd. Never do, probably never will. Not interresting to me in the slightest.

I'm editing this to say something important. All this time i was actively working to heal, i did not have a single friend or family member to help me even once (only in the last 3 years, sporadically)

Don't be a stranger to suffering people. A single kind word or some practical help might have taken years off this process.

There were none.

Thank you
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