Let's introduce ourselves.

Feel free to discuss what you want.
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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by Paul-NC » Thu Jan 13, 2022 12:45 am

Hello everyone, My name is Paul, I live in North Carolina. I found interest in the Amanita mushroom just recently. I used Dreamer vendor to get hold of some so that I can experiment with it. I want to thank Dreamer for all she has done and will do. Be good.. If not be careful :-)
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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by zachsmom97 » Sun Jan 16, 2022 7:18 am

Hi Everyone,

I'm here because I am a firm believer in the work that Amanita Dreamer is doing to further the understanding around this ally. I reside in an area where I wildcraft and grow herbal medicinal allies and have been working with this one for just over one year. I have no science background, but complete research independently. While I am science-minded, even more so I am spiritually-minded. After completing studies, intuition still plays a strong role in preparing offerings.

My belief is that we are nature. Every gift it offers, including humans, may harm, heal or teach. The Amanita Muscaria is, in my mind, a powerful healer for the mental, spiritual and physical levels. In my experience, many of our diseases can be at least in part traced back to removing ourselves from the natural world living in concrete jungles. Healers such as this help us to look within and remember and in doing so there can be profound healing. It offers us this and so much more.

I hope to learn and share information here and support the ongoing work to ensure that this healer is accessible to anyone who needs it. As many of you here may already be aware, there are governments and corporations who are pretty determined to limit or remove this access. They are also pretty determined to make it difficult for those who offer natural healers to do so. Hopefully, a collective effort, research, and education can turn that around. :)
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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by Plantman72 » Mon Jan 17, 2022 5:44 pm

Hi, I'm Chris. As my User ID suggests, I love plants. I enjoy things like hiking, gardening, and cooking. I'm 49 and live in California with my family. I'm an engineer and I'm working on an MS in Applied Economics. When I graduate, I'd like to add mushroom growing to my hobbies.

I just started a microdosing protocol using a tincture obtained from Harmony Acres Farms. I'm trying to adapt the Paul Staments stack, which is based on psilo shrooms that are not available to me. It includes niacin, Lion's Mane, and the tincture. I'll report on progress once I have some experience. I'm hoping for benifits related to lifelong anxiety, intermittent depression, and trauma.

Similar to some others on this forum, I sense a spiritual aspect of working with natural medicine. One day, I hope to go to Peru and learn firsthand about their approach to "plant spirit medicine."
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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by alpa1974 » Tue Jan 18, 2022 7:20 pm

Hey Plantman,

I am Alpa from Germany. I read your post, and I would like to say that America and his native people has a big and long tradition with healing through and with the nature.
Personally I would be very happy if I could live in a land like the United States with its own native people, this is a big value.

I have to learn here in good old Germany without any teachers and other healers, so please don't ignore the rich tradition of North America and his people.

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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by Redghost » Wed Jan 19, 2022 2:41 am

Hi. New to the forum. Actually new to forums in general. How do I know when my ambrosia wine is done? One of my goes has a jellyfish cloud benieth it; spread out about half the juice its in, not much on top. little fuzzies above the surface. The other one has a lot of top growth that changes color. The color seems to get covered with white. Much more scoby like.
thanks for any feed back

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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by TonyAtlas » Sat Jan 22, 2022 6:36 pm

Hello all. Im just a spiritual being having a human experience. That is all.

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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by Arktos » Sun Jan 23, 2022 5:16 am

Alpa, there are native people and healers in Sweden.
Arktos in my case refers to the bear, nothing else.

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