Let's introduce ourselves.

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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by bmendi18 » Sat Feb 11, 2023 5:28 pm

Hola! This is Mendi from Spain.
So happy to find this forum.
A few years ago I was living in Northen Norway and it was the first time I got to meet the Amanitas, I met a couple that were using them as an antidepressant in microdoses, they would collect them every year and return the old ones to the land. Also I met some people from Stonia that told me that there it was very common to eat it raw between young people, they would take it directly in the place were it grew ( wich implied a lot of crazy trips, vomiting and stomach ache).
I try to dry some that I picked ( they burned a bit) and me and my partner had a nice soft trip, it was like a microdose feeling.
There I also found Psylocibe and try them fresh in a nice walk trough the forest...
I left Norway and many things happened in my life wich led me to a strong depression and PTSD. I went to therapy for a year and helped me a lot but I always felt that I needed something chemical ( I had abused for some years with MDMA and I felt my serotonine levels where always low) but I didnt want to take antidepressants, so my brother and me decided to grow Psylocibe mushrooms in our home.
I use them in microdoses for a few months and they helped me so much. I didnt need them anymore, only in special ocasions I would take them again.
Life passed and last year I picked Amanitas again in the French Pyrines with the intention of exploring them again but I wanted to study them properly before taking them again.
Now I'm feeling really strong it's the time for it. I can really relate to this feeling that old patterns are always coming back and I feel Psylocibe is not the helper I need now.
I'm really interested in discovering and learning about the medicines that were used here in Europe in ancient times, I feel sometimes we are really focus on medicines from really far away and we miss the learnings that we could get from plants and fungi found locally ( I dont mean to say Its bad to use medicines from far away, thats one of the magical things about globalization)
Thanks to all for the experience and knowledge shared!
Sorry if my english is not very well written
Salud y anarquía!

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