Let's introduce ourselves.

Feel free to discuss what you want.
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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by ShammaLammaDingDong » Wed Oct 13, 2021 7:22 pm

Hi there! Anyone live near Sac/Yuba City and want to DM or talk irl? Middle aged professional woman, w/ some sporadic experience looking to grow my experience, if that matters 😝 Thanks!

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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by lostmushroomforest » Mon Oct 25, 2021 3:04 pm

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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by raaskalk » Wed Nov 03, 2021 11:06 pm

Hello buddyboyos,

This year I got very interested in nightshades and started growing and collecting them. I have several brugmansia plants and trees and also a growing mandrake. I sometimes smoke a bit of the brugmansia with mopacho roll nicotiana rustica but boy that plant sure is a teaser! True queen.

In january I will germinate my datura inoxia, datura stramonium, datura metel, wolfsbane, atropa belladonna and also ephedra, kanna, poppy and other nice ones.

I only recently learned about about the Amanita and went in a hurry to forage them this year. When me and a friend found them and took them home they were so wet and I didnt want them to rot and I hastly dried them in an oven on 100Celcius and one really wet shroom on 200Celcius so Im pretty sure I messed it up completely :D

So I bought some dried amies on amanita.lt . I hope that site is considered reputable here.

Here are some pics of both the foraged amies and the ones that came in the mail
photo_2021-11-03_23-55-07 (2).jpg
photo_2021-11-03_23-55-07 (2).jpg (184.71 KiB) Viewed 1100 times
photo_2021-11-03_23-55-05.jpg (168.91 KiB) Viewed 1100 times
photo_2021-11-03_23-55-03.jpg (152.07 KiB) Viewed 1100 times
photo_2021-11-03_23-55-02.jpg (161.72 KiB) Viewed 1100 times

Sad thing is my cleaning lady threw away the biggest most majestic one :cry:

I still have the home dried ones and the ordered one and joined this site to learn how to not mess up the preperation like I did with the drying but to do it as scientificly and technically smart as possible and get the most out of it.

The plan is to go on an Aminita trip this Christmas :mrgreen: that seems like the proper festive timing for that experience

Thanks all happy to found this site,

photo_2021-11-03_23-55-02 (2).jpg
photo_2021-11-03_23-55-02 (2).jpg (146.64 KiB) Viewed 1100 times

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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by Moonheart » Thu Nov 11, 2021 10:53 pm

Hello everyone - so happy to have found this space.

I'm a neurodiverse homeschooling Mom living in southwestern Pennsylvania. Before I was 10 years old, I had my first panic attacks. All of the women in my family have histories of panic and anxiety. I've been on and off different meds for it since childhood, though it's been almost a decade since I last took anything pharmaceutical for it. I currently use things like passionflower and california poppy extract for general anxiety.

In early 2020 I started studying herbalism and the mushrooms really called to me, though at the time I was learning about things like reishi, lion's mane, cordyceps, etc. Through various social media channels I started seeing more folks who were interested in educating about the amanita muscaria, and I heard AD on the Mushroom Hour podcast, so here I am. :)

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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by Toonsis » Sun Nov 14, 2021 7:58 pm

Hi Everyone!

I'm Selina, I live in British Columbia Canada, and am also 42yrs old (I think Sarah had the same general info).

I am horrible at talking about myself and never know what to say.

I am super stoked to be part of this community and gratefull that the amanita has come into my life. It's like my life has been building up to this moment. Super excited to start my journey with it.

Let's see, what else? I work in Human Services. I love everything outdoors. I'm an animal lover, and my zodiac sign is Aquarius.

:) :) :)

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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by aras » Mon Nov 15, 2021 7:20 pm

Hi Everyone!
My name is Aras. I live off-grid in the Kootenays, in BC, Canada.

For many years I have been suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD symptoms and I have avoided getting any help. I use meditation and various breathing techniques to help me cope and that gave me enough space to reflect and realize I actually have a problem. I believe my PTSD is from events that happened while I was a child less than 7 years old. I was born in the middle of a war and my parents had to relocate several times due to bombings. I think they did their best to shelter us from any anxiety and stress caused by growing up in the middle of a war however, I believe there still were many traumatic instance that happened during those years as my family was trying to escape and get to a safe place during bombings.

Earlier this year I saw a group of Amanita Muscaria and they really pulled me in. I already forage and eat over 20 different mushrooms that I harvest from the forest around here. l never even considered using Amanita for anything other than taking a photo. Like many I had learnt that it is a poisonous mushroom so at that time I left them alone. However, after I saw some of the content that Amanita Dreamer has so passionately created, I changed my mind and am considering seriously to use this mushroom to try to heal some of the trauma I am suffering from.

Today I got up early morning and went for a walk with this intention and found around 10 Amanita Muscaria. It is mid November, a couple of months since I saw these mushrooms first. I thought by now they would be long gone but when I got to the spot, I was greeted with the beautiful red caps. We just had a couple of weeks of heavy rain here and everything is soaking wet. Most of white spots on the mushroom caps are washed out but several of the are still very firm and fresh.

Thank you all for being here, and sharing your experience on how you integrate this medicine into your lives.
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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by mushroomL » Tue Nov 16, 2021 9:17 pm

Very happy to find this place, and very thankful for Amanita Dreamer for all of info, videos, and making this forum available to all. I found videos a while ago, but since I live in Southern California, finding mushrooms is not easy, I kind of let info simmer for a bit. Now after I read Herbal Formularies for Health Professionals by Dr. Jill Stansburry. Volume 4: Neurology, Psychiatry, and Pain Management, including Cognitive and Neurologic Conditions and Emotional Conditions, it mentions amanita tincture external use for pain and magic mushrooms internally for mental issues, it reminded me, and I decided to get more serious about it.

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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by amanittz » Wed Nov 17, 2021 8:50 pm

Im really happy to find so good forum about sacred amanitas! 8-)

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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by Croneofthewoods » Sat Nov 20, 2021 6:27 pm

So I'm a 38 yr old mother of three and grandmother of one, from Wales, UK.
Plagued by mental health since age 9. Ive predominantly suffered with agoraphobia the last decade after a late term loss of twins which has had my life on pause since. I suffered a breakdown and have been estranged from my children since. This has broken me in ways I didn't think possible.
I've struggled with therapy as I simply don't trust therapists here in the UK (though the tide is turning with trauma informed care slowly taking over the older models)
Everything came to a head when my psychiatrist had to write a letter in support of my struggles and to paraphrase him "this is as good as it gets" from here on in. I simply refuse to accept that my trauma is THAT resilient to treatment. I was totally at a loss as to my next steps and then lockdown hit. It's been a really hard time only highlighted by becoming a grandmother and I wish that was light enough to keep the path bright but it's not. Trauma is the thief of joy.
Anyway. Randomly around a month ago as YouTube was on for no good reason and just playing vid after vid of nonsense, Amanita dreamer popped up. I forget exactly which vid it was now but it took me down the rabbit hole.
When I watched the ego vid it all finally clicked.
I know what's been wrong all this time. It made sense as to why, instinctively.
Lightbulbs started going off lol.
I'm yet to start my journey as I'm quite anal and like to make sure I know as much as I can about what I'm doing before I start something. But I'm nearly ready to take that next step now.
Just waiting on supplies *ahem*.
Typically missed the season by the time I'd realised where to look where I am 😂 not that it would have been the easiest to actually get out to pick them as spontaneous jaunts out and about are not exactly on the cards yet with my agoraphobia.
Hopefully this will be changing soon enough.
I need to relearn how to take up space again and not be clinically afraid of myself and the world. Hopefully this wonderful mushroom will be my missing link to rejoining the world.
Thank you amanita dreamer for randomly popping into my life in the very same way these little mushrooms pop into the world.
Just knowing there's something that *might* help has given me so much hope again. I didn't realise I'd been missing hope until it returned. I even went and bought a violin, I've not picked up an instrument in in over 15 years! To say I'm optimistic would be a huge understatement.
I can't wait to be on this journey and to keep learning about such a wonderful subject.
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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by Garden gnome » Wed Nov 24, 2021 6:52 am

Hi everyone,

Not sure how it all works here. I am not used to writing on fora, but let me introduce myself.
Amonita dreamer came up in my recommended list, while browsing youtube. I am from the lush green east of The Netherlands. I am passionate about regenerative agriculture and have a massive fruit, herb and vegetable garden that i work, using these principles and other recent insights into growing healthy food. By chance i ran into her video of a mushroom i was always drawn to. It is obviously the most beautiful and iconic one out there. I clicked it and watched.

I was amazed at how much alike we are, both in history, life story and the things we did to try to remediate the anguish of every day life. You know her story, so that is basically mine, with minor differences. I felt so akin to her, that i watched most of the videos she posted.

I have had great success by fixing my diet already. I have suffered severe mental abuse until about 10 years ago, from people who want me to live in a way i can not cope with. I stopped doing that, simply STOPPED, and went my own way. I am by no means a snowflake. I am now mid 40 and no one survives the level of crap i have taken, both by physical illness and mentally, without having a solid psyche and sense of awareness. I am simply one of the tougher cookies. I survived, let's now thrive, shall we.

My diet fixed my body and my mind, to a point where i can now actually work a 2-3 day a week job for the two loveliest people you would ever want to meet. Since i started microdocing on psyllos, which are readilly available in multiple shops in the city, i get up around 5 in the morning, try to quickly fix the usual migrain i get up with a couple of times a week, just in time to get to work... or not, depends. I can shuffle around my hour so i can still be of some use to society, but don't need to suffer the stress (which induces the migrains) that results from the ever looming threat of being let go, because no boss can depend on me. Thank God sincerely for these people.

I have not tried amanita yet. I am still educating myself about all this. I am eager but not stupid. Sofar i function quite well, with serious hickups from time to time. I can deal with a sellect few people in small doses most of the time. I allow myself huge intervals between interactions, which helps me not feel so damn pressured into things.

My garden is my haven and i allow a few people into it lately. I have had some problems with that, but it is calming down. I am no longer rabidly territorial all the time and it's nice to show people around and also harvest some praise once in a while. I like it that people genuinely marvel at what i have created.

I grow my own food and some mushies like turkeytails and trying others. Mushrooms LOVE my garden. I can count 15 species easily after a couple of wet and dank autumn days. They are all welcome here. I will also try to inocculate my birches with amanita, but they grow abundantly in the area. Just for fun i guess. We have the huge, big red ones here. I don't trust myself to identify the other off-colour ones. I will leave that to you guys.

Nice to meet you all!
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