Let's introduce ourselves.

Feel free to discuss what you want.
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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by MarkSurridge » Wed Nov 24, 2021 1:33 pm

Hi, I am Mark and live in Colchester UK. My interest is mainly medical as I have chronic migraine. Seeking to learn more and reduce dependance on prescription medication but very cautious of interactions etc. Hope to learn and participate. I have no idea what emojis mean, so- Peace.

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Re: Let's introduce ourselves.

Post by micrich » Sun Nov 28, 2021 6:37 am

Zdravstvuite everybody (traditional Russian greeting – I wish you be in good health, instead of indifferent hi, hello, salut, chiao etc)))

Introduction (short variant):
I am Mitrich and live in Belarus – the very middle of Europe. Here is a map for your convenience.
I am in quite good mental health (or it seems to me))) and in a relatively good physical condition. I don’t drink alco nor beer, tea, coffee, don’t eat meat at all and fish rarely. I do smoke. 8 years ago I eliminated TV and most mass media from my life forever. My primary reasons of registering here are information about producing recipes-technics and ways of consuming of Amanita Muscaria. Also I want to find answers for other private problems. I am not a scientist at all, but I will do my best to help you folks whatever I can.
Thank you

Introduction (long variant for those who is interested):
I am a Man of 63 and since my early childhood my parents took me in forests to pick mushrooms every summer and fall. My Mom cooked and stored them any possible way – fried, boiled, conserved, salted. Most of all my Dad loved salted black milk mushrooms (Lactarius turpis) as a follower to a shot). So I know AMs for about 60 years. (fly agarics in Russian called Mooho’mor which translates like “flies kaput”))) A couple of years ago I started spotting videos in Youtube about AM microdosing. There were a lot of feedbacks among which I loved “I became a better human” and “I quit smoking”. No doubt I wished the same for myself. In my garage I got a broken laser printer and a small broken air heater and with those parts I made a rather primitive but quite effective dryer while waiting for the Mushies season. I fill the dryer with cut mushies because that way I can stuff a lot more that whole caps and they dry fast even at 45-50C.
Knowing well most of the forests around 150km area of my hometown in my first season 2020 I managed to produce about 3kg of powder in a couple of weeks. There is one young pine forest in about 60km off my hometown that yields these two buckets on the left in just 1-1.5 hours. The bucket on the right shows that I came to a forest a day early and got youngsters mostly which shall go for making tincture.
There I could harvest a ton or two of Mushies if I knew where to apply that amount. I powdered all my dries with a regular electric coffee mill and placed them packed in black glass jars in my fridge for 2 months. This may be interesting – to get those jars I sandblasted regular supermarket cupping-glasspots and painted them solid black)
The day of the fame finally came – I took my first morning dose about 0.5gr. In about 20 minutes I felt slightest feeling of nausea and wished to lay down. Closing eyes on the bed my last vision was wonderful Gothic flower ornament and I fall in the black abyss of sleep. Got up fresh and rested one hour later. Since then no dose raised up to 5gr did anything really noticeable to me. I am afraid of getting bad trip in my age so have not tried doses over 5gr. So my usual dose was 0.8-1gr for about 7 months just to keep up with the times. I wondered if my stuff is any potent. After offering my product to other interested strangers I got only positive feedbacks. Might that be not all of them were placebo lovers?) Then the problem was in me. I am not allergic to anything – half of my life worked as car painter with aceton based thinner paints sometime wearing no protection at all – nothing happened. While in the USSR often stole gasoline and diesel (everybody did)) by inhaling thru a hose, and thus I often drank fuels with no consequences for body or brain (I believe so))). Now I dont know how to open the door I want to peek thru...
Do my Mushies seem to look right for you? Do not be surprised at vulva debris absence on tops - this time they were washed away with sand and eagles.
This season some folks asked me to make tincture as it is known here for healing many bodily problems. Along with dried Mushies I also made about 20 liters of tincture. Unfortunately, due to the shortage of the right information at the time and fear to get botulin infection in bowls I made 80% alcohol tincture. It will be consumed eternally anyway, but now I wish I did it other way.
Well, that’s probably it. This forum abounds info and it will take me years to find what Im looking for in the other language. If any of you guys have anything to share about what you've just read I will much appreciate your kindly help and involvement.

As a stranger from an unknown part of the world with the deepest Amanitas history I will gladly answer any of your comments or inquiries and also help you whatever I can. I may seem to think or say or do strange things, but it not intended offensive or hostile. Just bear in mind the cultural, linguistic, upbringing etc differences. Firstly among them I would place the fact that we here are not so liberastic and tolerastic as you used to see close around. We often say what we think or feel instead of politchargingly lying.
Thank you for reading and understanding)

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