Microdosing Effects

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Re: Microdosing Effects

Post by Maddenel1 » Sat May 23, 2020 3:43 am

amanitadreamer wrote:
Thu Nov 28, 2019 1:58 pm
I browse groups and get comments talking about microdosing and asking if others are experiencing the same. What is interesting to me is that there is little variation in what is written. These are what I read and indeed also what I experienced:
I feel completely different now.The world seems clearer.
I feel focused and sharp.
I feel motivated and have energy.
My mood is lifted in a way I haven't experienced since ___________.
I sleep so good now and wake up feeling like I slept forever but refreshed.

And then these are usually followed by things like...
Can this be happening?
Is this possible?
Is anyone else getting this or is this just me?
Am I making this up?

I just wanted to put this here for anyone coming in new and wondering if what they experience is what others have reported. Please add yours.

Personally I have creativity, I have ideas and thoughts and the motivation to follow them through. I have peace of mind and a positive attitude. The negative side is that for some reason now, I am no longer willing to tip toe around bullshit. I can't tolerate people treading on me. I feel emboldened to stand up against injustice, against me or others. And having a YT channel requires the opposite of this LOL! This is the only emotional downside. I hope that when I go to Colorado and do psilocybin that it helps me not feel tread upon in the first place. Something needs to stop this compulsion before I burn down the goodwill and joy I move in it. I wonder if it is aggression. I have not been an agressive/attacking person, more a nurturer. I understand people, care for them. This side of me, saying NOPE, you WILL NOT do this here, seems like a good thing sometimes. Hmmm lots to ponder.
That's it.
Amanita Dreamer that is what I have noticed too. I have the positive side of feel happy, energetic, content, and blissful during the day and feel like I am getting a good nights rest and lucid dreaming at night. I also notice on the downside that I am less willing to put up with other people's bullshit and less willing to tolerate injustices or ignorance of any kind. I am more wanting to avoid people that brings out these feelings in me. I am usually a lover not a fighter but feel that the amanita muscarias are bringing forth both the negative and positive feeling in me much more intensely. I am glad I am not alone in this.
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Re: Microdosing Effects

Post by Garden gnome » Wed Nov 24, 2021 7:33 pm

At this moment, i still microdose on psylos, but i recognise what you said about almost agressively standing your ground, for myself and others, while i have never been like this in my life. It's a balancing act, like everything. I tend to want to fly into a bit of a powertrippy thing, but i have brains to think, so usually i catch myself doing it, and make it right with the person. I kind of hate it, but it's fine to disagree sometimes. I used so be intensely selfsacrificing, meek and forgetting my own needs, but no more. I can't do it. People either meet me halfway or whatever, but i am not sacrificing my health, the end for that friendship.

Interestingly, since that particular character shift happened, my friends have multiplied and we are infinitely more loyal to eachother. I suspect it also has to do with lifting boundaries in the brain, so the parts that were damaged and failed to mature, now do, and rapidly. Just my own wild idea. Not even a theory or hypothesis. I think about these things deeply.

Anyways, you're alright, as far as i can tell and i am rarely wrong. I have a fine nose for BS. Thanks by the way. You're very lovely and you mean to do good. That is all that counts in this world, really. Some people doing something instead of hang back and watch the world burn.
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Re: Microdosing Effects

Post by BillieMarie » Tue Nov 30, 2021 10:18 pm

Hi Everybody,
Just wanted to share my experience - first time taking any sort of psychedelics ever. But I should say that I am a daily weed smoker (1-2 gr/day) I started microdosing yesterday, following ADs protocol. I took the tea in the late afternoon around 4pm. It was about 90 min before I started to feel anything. In the beginning, I felt very relaxed, calm - the perfect word for me is satiated. After a little while, I got that feeling of something going on in the back of my psyche. It's weird to say it that way, but that's how it felt. Even right now, I'm about 1:45 into my 2nd microdose, and there is a sense that something is being done on my behalf somewhere that I'm not totally aware of - Like when someone is in the room next to you cleaning or looking through drawers. That feeling lasted several hours last night. Also, There was also a period of time where the mind was very clear and focused - more clear and focused than usual (note: I continually microdose with weed so I'm sure my lack of focus in daily life is affected by that). I could clearly focus on a video I was watching, converse with Spirit, and sense the movement in the "back room" all at once. After about 3.5/4 hours I started feeling super sleepy and ended up crashing. I woke up around 3am completely alert - no grogginess.

I also want to share that I meditate all the time and talk to Spirit daily so communicating with the amanita spirit was normal for me. Amanita is helping us for sure. It's not separate from Spirit, just another aspect. I'm not sure how to explain it any other way. Everything is coming together as one like it is in reality. Amanita is helping. And the video I happened to watch was incredibly enlightening ( about the 7 Essene mirrors we all face on our spiritual journey). I hadn't planned to watch it but it was perfect for my first amanita experience. Some disturbing things came up about the past and relationships but amanita made everything chill. No physical or mental pain/hurting the way I normally feel when I'm working through past traumas. Anyway, that's all. I'll post again if anything interesting comes up in future dosing. Thanks! -Billie

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