Medicinal Shamanism

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Medicinal Shamanism

Post by OakShaman » Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:38 am

Hello! I have been watching Amanita Dreamer in YT :) I have been interested in all varieties of mushrooms as well as psychoactive ones. I am not experienced with psilocybin, but I am experimenting with Amanita Muscaria. I am interested in shamanic use of this mushroom. People might think I mean that in terms of spiritual interaction, but I also mean for natural healing as well.

I have been struggling with early onset rheumatoid arthritis and have had the typical headache of patients with “invisible illnesses” and this condition in particular where doctors can be dismissive if the condition sets in at a young age. I am not currently being treated by a doctor partially due to completely giving up on the modern medical system and partially due to lack of medical insurance. But my condition has really impacted my ability to function with symptoms I can feel but doctors can’t see or measure.

So I wanted to share my experience experimenting with these mushrooms and see if anyone else has any experience with using these medicinally for similar issues.

My issues are autoimmune and musculoskeletal. I have severe fatigue, trouble falling asleep and waking up. RA is more like lupus than standard arthritis so it’s more than just an achy little finger. I have had ghost pain appear in a joint then disappear and appear in another joint, joint redness and tenderness as well as synovial fluid pooling outside of the joint. But it’s also all over muscle aches and this flu-like malaise where you basically feel hit by a bus and even to where your skin hurts when cloth brushes on it.

With a couple medium strength amanita muscaria “sessions” (I don’t measure grams since every batch or mushroom can have different amounts of chemicals present. I just take a small to moderate amount and then take more slowly as results set in) to where I feel a bit altered, body is a bit “drunk” but my mind can focus, and feel sort of like waves pulsating through body, and then microdosing, seem to be having a healing affect. This is new and I had good results with a small amount of dried caps but then I ran out! I am not picking my own yet so I am ordering dried caps online (I know this is basically risky). So I felt some results but it wore off as I was waiting for more supply to come.

So some of the physical improvements I experienced:

- The day after my first usage where I took enough for a moderate-strongish psychoactive experience I felt a huge de-tensing of muscles that have been aggressively tense for most of my life.

- After the above experience and two or three days of microdosing, probably two days after the heavy experience (since it caused me to sleep extra late and feel groggy the immediate day after), I started to seem to sleep deeper and wake up earlier and feel more awake and refreshed upon waking.

- Small dose during the day seems to help with the overall body aches I experience, especially low dose Amanita with kratom for pain management.

- Tenderness and the excess synovial fluid (synovitis) in my knees went away after a moderate psychoactive evening “experience.” And the pinkness in my knuckles completely disappeared.

This is all very new and preliminary but I am feeling very hopeful for my autoimmune condition and side effects like muscle tension and sleep problems :D

Does anyone else use Amanitas for similar issues and have any tips or suggestions of what to combine with it?

Method of taking it: I am ordering dried Amanita, breaking off a piece, moistening it in mouth, then rolling and pressing it into a capsule shape and swalling.

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