My first experience

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My first experience

Post by Spiritualtraveler » Thu May 14, 2020 8:05 pm

Amanita Muscaria kept popping up in my life over the last year or so. No, I didn't find any in the wild or anything, I just kept finding myself drawn towards them and ended up learning much more about them. Eventually, I ordered an ounce of dried Washington A++ Amanita Muscaria caps online. I researched this as fully and completely as I could before deciding to see what they held in store for me. Let me first say thank you to Amanita Dreamer, whose youtube videos were the most genuine, straight forward, informative, realistic and helpful guides that I found before venturing into this realm for myself.

I have had many experiences with different sacred plants over the years that have led me to a greater knowledge, compassion, understanding and unity with the universe around us. I do not and would not recommend this particular journey to anyone who has not already found the higher understanding, meaning, full scope of and possibilities of these sacred plants or to anyone who Amanita Muscaria herself has not sought out and invited into her world. This is what I wrote the morning after my first experience with Amanita Muscaria. For those that might have questions, hopefully this will shed some light on a relatively obscure and somewhat seldom discussed experience. I would be happy to answer any other questions that anyone might have to the best of my abilities. My state of mind was still a bit foggy when I wrote this, so please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors. I was deeply moved by this experience and only wish that my record of such be used to help others on a similar path of understanding and search for knowledge and personal growth.

I have traveled to different dimensions, met exotic beings too great to be constrained to a physical body, I've seen the atomic building blocks that make up the universe around us and was surprised, excited and wholly grateful to find yet another level to this thing we call consciousness. I feel fortunate, maybe even lucky, to have taken the journey to the place I visited last night. While I have felt very privileged for the places and worlds I've ventured into in the past, the gates to all of those other ones were wide open. Buy your ticket, go on inside. But this place is not so easy to get into. At least, that's what my research leading up to this event has led me to believe and, in reflection, I do not think that is an exaggeration at all.

Amanita Muscaria is a tool of the shaman and it's history and relationship with them goes back thousands of years. But it seems that world is only accessible to the shaman or those with valid and justifiable reasons to seek her out. Such reasons may include potential medical benifits or spiritual purposes, but appears to be closed off to all others that might seek entrance for any other than the purest and most holy reasons. Let me just explain the path I took, but keep in mind that this is only the path of just one day and it has taken years and years of studying, practice and learning from past experiences to lead me here. If one were to skip all the buildup to that and just jump on the path, following in my footsteps, the same footsteps that I was moved to take only by seeing the steps laid out by so many others before me reaching back thousands of years, it would not be the same and I dare say you would not find anything at all. Can you go where I went? Possibly. But I cannot guarantee that you will find the same things that I did unless you have walked these paths before and your intentions are pure. And even then, each person's experience and reaction is unique unto themselves. This is a guide to fellow travelers already on their way to the top. It is not a shortcut because there is no such thing in regards to this particular doorway to the mind. There are two ways to get to the top of a mountain. The mountain has a vast foundation which has taken eons to build up. If you skip all the history and take a helicopter or car or plane or whatever straight to the top, you will not see the view in the same light as the mountaintop itself sees all that exists around and below.

I fasted all day. The only liquids I permitted myself were water and a thermos of coffee. I tried to limit my communication with other people, tried to keep my phone turned off most of the day, did some meditations, said some prayers, gave thanks and was humble and respectful of the visionary portal, as well as anything else, that had come into my life for the day. I cleaned my living space and made my environment as pleasing as could be for this being I was hoping to meet that night. I turned my house into a place of worship, honor and humility. I took out one special rock which had been blessed some time ago and carried a very special energy with it and let it commune with the spirit of the Amanita Muscaria which I intended to eat that night. That rock would be my connection and anchor should I need it on my journey into the night.

By 8:30pm, I had set the stage, shaved and took a shower to make myself as presentable as the dwelling in which I was bringing this spirit to join me. The sun was setting and the last rays, just before dipping beyond the horizon, made a circle of light on my back porch. There in the fading sunlight, I took four medium sized dried caps weighing about 14 grams and ground them in a special bowl, which had a personal importance and significance to me, with another sacred stone I had in my possession which I also had a unique spiritual bond with. I gave thanks as often as I could and patiently ate the ground up Amanita Muscaria caps, sipping water a few times while doing so.

I found the Amanita Muscaria caps to be rather tasty actually. It did remind me of the taste of psilocybin mushrooms which I have eaten many times over the years. However, I normally only eat half as much of those as I was eating of these Amanitas. Strangely enough, or maybe not at all, with the psilocybins I usually ate until my body told me, "okay, that's enough. Stop now." I was eating twice as much of the Amanita Muscaria and I did not get that same feeling until I had eaten nearly the entire bowl's worth, leaving just a few tiny scraps which I returned to the container with the remaining caps I was saving for some other time. I then smoked a cigarette I had set out for this particular moment. Unimportant detail, but I roll all of my own cigarettes and had pre-rolled 21 for that night since I did not know how long this journey would last. I kept them in a pouch that I carried with me, but the tobacco inside was getting a bit dry. I added four drops of water, one to represent each Amanita cap I was going to eat, to the pouch before putting the cigarettes I had rolled inside for safe keeping. The smoke was pleasant and I continued to give thanks and welcome Amanita Muscaria into my life.

Then the waiting. First time on this voyage, so I wasn't certain how long exactly it would take for them to kick in. From what I read, it would be anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes. My past experiences have led me to believe that usually, when also fasting, the onset time is the shortest estimate given. Longer activation times seem to only happen when or if one does not have a completely empty stomach. But I had left a few remaining tasks for myself to be completed so that I would be distracted and not quite ready to set out on my journey until the Amanita Muscaria were ready to take me.

First, I rolled two spliffs composed of a special tobacco I use only for these types of smokes, an especially high in THC sativa that I had and also some bud whose own strain or strength was not clearly known to me, but was grown by a close friend and fellow spiritual explorer. I kept these in a separate and clearly identifiable container to carry with me so as not to get them mixed up with the cigarettes I had already rolled. Then, I made some coffee and some tea. As the water boiled for the tea, I was beginning to feel very different and was having trouble with basic motions and knew that the Amanita Muscaria were ready for our journey to begin. This was roughly 30 or 40 minutes after I had eaten the Amanita Muscaria. I am not a tea drinker and my apologies to any who might be offended in my recklessness in this department. I had bought the teas specifically for this night to hopefully help fight off any unpleasantness in my stomach, which I had read was often an issue with Amanita Muscaria. I used two different kinds and mixed them in one cup. One was a chamomile and the other a ginger and mint.

As I went out on my back porch in the fading sunlight, I felt the Amanita Muscaria taking the reins and sat down to see what she had to show me and where she would take me. I smoked a cigarette first as I arranged my chariot and got everything into position. I had carefully chosen a very special outfit for this night and also set up my MP3 player and headphones so that they would assist in the mood and tone of whatever I was about to find. I said a prayer, giving thanks to all that is and was and paid my respects to the Amanita Muscaria that had come into my life. I picked a specific track to listen to, lit the first spliff with a match and sat back to see what I was about to discover.

About a third of the way into the spliff, I coughed and knew immediately that I was about to vomit. Luckily, I had planned for that and had a bucket sitting next to me, ready for if just such a thing were to happen. It came in 4 somewhat violent bursts. It was unpleasant, but also somewhat reassuring. There were only a few things in my stomach, so you can guess what it was composed of.

The visions came on quite strong right after the emptying of my stomach. The taste of vomit in my mouth was very unpleasant and I asked the Amanita Muscaria if I could take a drink of water, to which she said yes. This was outside of my normal procedures as I do not drink anything while I am smoking a spliff and it is still burning. That is my own personal choice for reasons that I could not explain, but if I was to stray from my normal actions, I felt that I first needed permission from my guide before doing so. I took just one sip, savored it and let it wash away the unpleasantness. At this point, I felt that I should officially introduce myself to Amanita Muscaria. I told her my name and asked that she take me wherever she saw fit. I also asked if I could call her Amy for short. The A for Amanita, the M for Muscaria and the Y because why would you pick anything else when it's so easy to just add that one letter to make a reasonable and sensible name out of the A and M abbreviation. Amy agreed that that was acceptable and our introductions were complete. Any other time in the journey which I felt I needed a drink, be it water, tea or coffee, I humbly made sure to give thanks for the beverage before quinching that thirst. My standard way of doing so in such times comes from a phrase I wrote out many years ago, simply saying, "thank you creek, oh for this drink. Let me take you with me as I think. Let it clear my mind so that I may be wholly present for this one moment which you have brought me to."

Alot happened after that. But that was my own personal journey and the foundation of my relationship with Amanita Muscaria. It is far beyond what words could adequately describe and would mean nothing to anyone but myself. If you've been there, if you know, then you know and no description is necessary. To anyone else it would seem utter madness and they will not know or understand until they have walked the path and truly seen for themselves. Also, it usually takes me several days to unpack all that happens in such a monumental event and this, right now, is only the following morning. At one point, I felt the need to eat and made a small, cheap and easy to prepare meal. By easy to prepare I mean I only had to heat it up in the microwave. There were a few points of fear and concern as this was my first voyage into this particular realm and I had read extensively about the potential dangers. It was easy to dismiss those fears as I was confident in the bond I had made with Amanita Muscaria and quickly banished those fears and concerns from my mind. Once or maybe twice later on, I had some slight discomfort in my stomach but it quickly subsided. I have no idea how long the visions lasted, but I eventually fell asleep. If I were to guess, I would say that I was still fully under the power and peaking presence of the Amanita Muscaria four or five hours in when I fell asleep. Time is a funny thing, though, and it could be that as few as only three or less hours had passed.

The visions are impossible to descibe. As I knew going in, they were completely different from the ones brought on by their cousin, the psilocybin mushroom, or any other sacred plant I have had the pleasure to meet with in the past. I might say that they were clearer and more all encompassing. Psilocybin visions are sudden, come in bursts and seem a bit blurry. They always seem like a short snapshot that you have to unfold yourself, whereas these were long, fully developed stories that I found myself wholly emmerced in, from their beginning to their end. I think that's all that I can relay at this point in time.

Later in the day, I thought of a few other points and details I should add that might be useful or helpful.

First and foremost, Amanita Muscaria is not something that should be taken lightly. It is a very powerful plant with very real consequences that come with it. I do not encourage anyone to partake in an experience such as the one I described here for that is a personal decision and pathway that each individual person must make on their own. But if you do decide to explore the possibilities of Amanita Muscaria, make sure you do as much research as possible beforehand, know all of the dangers, have a trip sitter present and be certain beyond all doubts that what you have is in fact Amanita Muscaria and not one of the toxic and potentially deadly lookalikes.

There were a few other effects that I noticed and experienced in my journey last night that I neglected to mention in my first description. At least an hour into my journey, I noticed drastic changes in temperature. I went back and forth from feeling exceedingly hot to shivering cold, all while sweating profusely. Sometimes the shift between the extremes happened so suddenly that I could not tell whether I needed to warm up or cool off. I was also salivating uncontrollably and at times drooling because I was not always aware of this. My coordination was heavily affected and I had trouble standing or walking without looking like I was incredibly drunk. At the same time, I also seemed to have trouble staying still. My hands, legs, my whole body was constantly moving and changing positions. Writing in the notebook I carried with me became basically impossible. I cannot say for certain whether or not I experienced any auditory hallucinations. I was wearing headphones and listening to a live recording of the Grateful Dead for most of my journey which made distinguishing sounds from the crowd on the recording and real life quite difficult. But if I had to guess, I imagine that there were some. At one point while still sitting on my back porch, early on, under the darkness of night, I saw a brilliant white light that seemed to shine down on me from my right and lit up everything around me like someone had shined a powerful floodlight towards me. This lasted only a matter of seconds and was a bit startling at first, but still was an very interesting part of the journey to reflect upon.

I do not plan on taking another journey like this one for quite some time, if at all. But I believe that there is much more that Amanita Muscaria could show and teach me. So when she calls to me again and if I am ready, I may go back to see what else I can find.
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