Similarity to Brainwave Optimization Technology

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Similarity to Brainwave Optimization Technology

Post by ZombieAngel » Sun May 17, 2020 7:15 pm

A few years ago I used to work at an alternative therapy clinic that used Brainwave Optimization technology from Cereset, previously known as Brain State Technologies. The gist of it was that we would put sensors on people's heads at particular points which would be able to read the patterns of their brainwaves and echo it back to them in audio tones. Sessions would last about an hour or two. The idea was that when the brain recognized itself, it would naturally adjust any imbalances just like one might fix one's hair or face after looking in a mirror. People would generally be put through a set of sessions in quick succession, and then after that they might come back for more later as needed.

Although having these sessions were free to employees, I always felt afraid of trying for some reason, and having to sit in the chair and listen to the tones put me in an almost uncontrollable rage. Much like my fear of medication, at least in part because of past trauma, I really didn't want something getting into my head and manipulating me. (This is one reason that my engagement with fly agaric is kind of amazing. The only reason I feel at all inclined to "trust the process" is only because of its close association with my god, and the trust I've slowly built with him over almost a decade.)

Interestingly, looking back on the effects of this therapy, I notice a lot of similarities between its supposed effects and those of the fly agaric. First of all, it is supposed to balance your brain. It is supposed to help you rest and sleep deeply,to help with PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADHD and overall mood. It can even help with hormones, physical pain, weight, and athletic ability. Some people even report enhanced/more brilliant vision and greater spiritual awareness.

When starting sessions, I often told people to possibly expect headaches and tiredness, comparing the work the brain was doing to shift into alignment to studying for a big test. This makes me wonder if the sense of drowsiness from the fly agaric could be for the same reason.

I usually told clients to drink a lot of water, eat a more protein-rich, nutrient dense diet, and we generally put them on a regimen of fish oil pills. The second day I was on fly agaric, I compulsively gulped down 2.5 tsp of cod liver oil, and didn't even get fish burps afterwards. I suddenly wanted more vitamin D and to be out more in the sun. I feel hunger, especially for meat, more intensely than before, and I have been more thirsty as well.

We also told them absolutely not to drink any alcohol for at least three weeks after any session. Alcohol can also interfere in some unknown ways with fly agaric since it affects the same areas of the brain.

People can also find they gain confidence and become more blunt and forthcoming when they have done Brainwave Optimization sessions, which is something amanitadreamer experienced from her experiments with fly agaric.

While I can't draw any hard conclusions about this comparison, I feel possibly better equipped through these understandings to deal with whatever the fly agaric might bring my way.
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