Combinations of different methods of conversion

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Combinations of different methods of conversion

Post by Jahoda » Sun May 17, 2020 7:25 pm

Hey guys!

As the season for Amanitas is gonna begin soonish, I'm gonna buy a food/mushroom dehydrator. I've been wondering if certain combinations of conversion methods give better results or not.

1. [for microdosing] is dehydrator (no conversion) + simmering ~ 20 min + lemon tek the best option? Or shall I dry them with proper heat so that conversion is around 80%? In other words, is simmering and lemon tek enough for best health benefits? Obviously, both methods work fine and there will be enough muscimol
and no nausea. However, I'm trying to maximize the health benefits.
2. [recreational/spiritual dose] same thing, shall I go for simmering and lemon tek or use all 3 methods (=80% conversion?)

Thank you. I love the forum and seeing it grow day by day makes my heart smile.

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