Amanita Persicina and Muscarine

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Amanita Persicina and Muscarine

Post by tgt1002 » Mon Sep 14, 2020 12:58 pm

Hello everyone. I wanted to share some info from some personal research I have been doing. So far none of this can be proven, but I want to share some stuff with you and my theory surrounding it.

I have been experimenting with Amanitas for a little while now and I have worked with:

Pantherina from Vashon Island Washington State (Soma Supplies)
Muscaria from Washington State (Shamans Garden)
Muscaria from Lithuania (can't remember which vendor)
Persicina from Georgia

They have all been slightly different, but mostly the differences seem to be potency related and not significant differences, until Persicina. It has been very different for both me and my partner from the other varieties. Now I can't say much about the effects of micro dose when it comes to this particular variety/batch I have, because it is the only one so far that I have only used in macro dose sizes so I wont speak to that. What I want to mention is that of all the Amanitas my partner and I have sampled this is the only one that did the following:

Little to no effects intoxicationwise
Profuse sweating
Profuse salivation

This was the case both with heavy and light decarb both for me and my partner on two separate occasions. My particular experience I took a higher dose than my partner and I did get a minor weird headspace feeling and once my body stopped sweating profusely and I could sort of regulate temperature I did get a light tactile effect similar but weaker than I have with other Amanitas (I have talked about this is it somewhere in between the tactile effects of plateau 1/2 DXM and MDMA)

Now for the life of me I can not find any information that definitively states that the sweating and salivation can be a result of Ibotenic acid. I can find information about Muscarine causing this in fact it is textbook effects of Muscarine. I also found stuff stating that the amount of Muscarine in European varieties is insanely low, but can not find data on North American varieties Muscarine content. This leads me to believe that the peach colored fly agaric we have here in many parts of the US has significantly more Muscarine than the traditional variety (not enough to be dangerous in reasonable doses but still enough to make itself more known) granted this is a small sample size (me and my partner) and only two runs so far, but it does seem to fit.

I have one more dose similar to my last one waiting for me in the fridge and since the sweating and salivating didn't trouble me too much I plan to repeat the experiment before that dose goes bad and then I have 2-3 more doses frozen that I may do more trials with down the line.

Any comments, suggestions, questions, or feed back is welcome.

TLDR amounts to I think Amanita Persicina has way more Muscarine than the traditional red Muscaria and brown Pantherina. I will do more experiments, but would love to hear other peoples thoughts
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