My discoveries for you.

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My discoveries for you.

Post by muscaria_fire » Wed Sep 23, 2020 6:37 pm

My name is Markus and I'm from Germany.
First of all. Thank you all for your research and information around Amanita Muscaria. I recently started with micro-dosing and its a big gift.

Now I hope to be able to give you something back. I'm interested in self-improvement. I read and research a lot and want to share with you, what worked for me and might work for you.

I do daily meditation. I started with a meditation pillow, but even with daily practice often my legs fell asleep. Then I discovered meditation stools/benches. I really recommend them. I was able to sit much longer and with less physical discomfort. I have one with just a leg in the middle and I love it. You have to keep a little balance, which helps during meditation to stay focused. Also, try standing and walking meditations from time to time.

For beginners, it's always a good idea to start with guided meditations. As with everything you need some basic techniques you "do". The funny part is later you will realize that all those techniques somehow just helped to point you to a mental state where you "don't do" anything. :D I tried many apps, CD's, YouTube channels. What stayed were two apps: I started with the app Headspace ( Now I'm a big fan of the app Waking Up by Sam Harris( What's different you might ask. Headspace is perfect to train awareness and basic techniques, but what I missed there and that's a big thing in Waking Up, is the conceptional part. The "brain-fuck" part. Where am I? Where do I stop?.... In Waking Up you will ask yourself more questions about how EVERYTHING works.

Breathing practice
I try to do daily breathing exercises too. My morning routines usually start with Wim Hofs Breathing technique. Its crazy. "Getting high on your own supply." That's what he often says and its true. I use his app ( There is this "Guided breathing bubble". After 3 to 4 repetitions I get up and shower. First warm and then cold (thats part of what he recommends). After that I always feel like dancing :D There is actually already some research behind his technique. He got famous by his records sitting in ice. That's why he is also called "The Iceman".

During the day I sometimes do other breathing exercises for relaxation and so on. A awesome app for this is Pranabreath:

Acupressure mat
I discovered this mat not long ago. I love it. Sometimes I use it while doing Wim Hof. Sometimes before sleep. Sometimes I stand on it to refresh. Somehow it hurts, but at the same time its very pleasant. Its said to stimulated acupuncture points and blood flow.

Hope you found a little inspiration. Give this or that a try. I would love to hear back, if it worked or you want to share some recommendations too.

BTW the Wim Hof is perfect for Corona / Covid-19. It trains your lungs and stimulates your immune system especially in combination with those cold showers.

Stay healthy.
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