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Post by nettlebruin » Tue Oct 13, 2020 2:10 pm

I'll start by saying I have always had a passion for fungi, and though I have loved Amanita muscaria for years, only in the last month have I learned to prepare and use it. For background, I am autistic (self dx), have hypotension, IC, and seem to be allergic to life. I take 50mg hydroxyzine every day for IC and to reduce the occurrence of anaphylaxis.

I started amanita for a spiritual journey. I collected, dehydrated 165F in my excalaber, and then decarboxylated in the oven at 180F for about 2 hours until crisp. I found I couldn't make the tea and dispose of the fruiting body (didn't feel right) so I have been microdosing (about 1-2g) on and off for the last couple weeks by eating the dried mushroom (I think it is delicious). I also wanted to do small amounts to make sure I would not have an allergic reaction since I do react to a few species of wild mushrooms. My experience seemed different from what I was reading so I thought I'd get some feedback.

I usually lucid dream. They are usually vivid and intense. At the small dose, I would feel the "buzz" similar to alcohol. I have been meditating and then falling asleep. I expected the dreams to become even more intense, but the opposite happened. I am having what I believe to be "normal" dreams for the first time. I am waking better rested. My anxiety is less. My dissociation (from autism) is almost gone and my energy levels have improved. I am pleasantly surprised.

I might try a larger recreational dose later for spiritual reasons. Anyone else just eat them without making a tea? Has anyone found it makes them sleep better with calmer dreams rather than the intense dreaming that is reported?
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Re: curious

Post by Geronimo » Tue Oct 20, 2020 4:03 pm

I assume you eat dried caps.
I also started out with eating dried caps, its hit or miss sometimes.
Problem with eating microdoses this way is that you will get different experiences, because caps can vary a lot in potency. Up to 500% depending on some factors.
This is the reason why a total of 15gr of different caps is used to make tea. The different caps will have a more average potency when combined.
Still potencies can vary from one tea-prep to another, but they will vary less than one cap to another.

You could consider making a powder of 15 gr dried AM to get a more average potency if you still decide to go for the dry route.
Making a tea will convert more of the ibotenic acid into muscimol, but I would not suggest making tea with powder.

If you are planning to take a larger dose one day, I would encourage you to make the tea as explained by Amanitadreamer.
There will be simply too much ibotenic acid in the dried material otherwise and this will make you nauseaus.

Good luck and keep us posted on your experiences!


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