Amantia Muscaria and schizophrenia

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Amantia Muscaria and schizophrenia

Post by ibotenicacidhead » Sat Oct 17, 2020 12:04 am

Hello! :D First of all i wanna shout out a big thank you to @Amanitadreamer
Your videos are very inspiring. You have made me very
curious about Amanita Muscaria mushroom and its interesting properties. My ancestors are sami aswell and i'd like to
get more spiritually in touch with my roots.

The thing is i got diagnosed schizophrenia a few years ago and was wondering if anyone has experience doing amantia shroom with this diagnosis?
I have been using psilocybin cubensis and semilanceata mushrooms and only been having good experiences lasting days later.
But its a completely different shroom tho.
That being said i never do any drugs when im having bad episodes.
Currently im going of benzodiazepines so i was hoping amantia could help me out a litte there aswell. And where i live Amantia is legal and grows everywhere. People here just call it the super mario mushroom.

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