Mental Preparation

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Mental Preparation

Post by TheWhiteElk » Mon Nov 16, 2020 8:55 pm

Hey guys! This is my first post to the forum and I am really excited to have found this forum!

I am new to Amanita - I haven't tried it yet. I have watched quite a bit of videos of preparation and everything, but I am now more curious on the mental preparation for this mushroom. Again, I have not experimented with it yet so I may sound silly and there probably is no need to overthink it (or maybe there is). I just would like to treat this mushroom and the experience that comes with it with the utmost respect. I am not trying to take this mushroom to help substitute it for any medications for insomnia or anxiety. I currently do not smoke anything nor take medications for anything (besides Zyrtec for allergies). I also am not trying to have a crazy trip just for the hell of it. I would really like to connect more with nature and the power of Amanita. I've been having this calling to take this pathway and I have been dreaming more of this mushroom lately, so I feel as if it may be time to start this journey. I have always had vivid dreams and I believe that I can lucid dream. I am wondering if this could make the experience stronger or better when drinking some amanita tea before going to sleep? Do you guys feel as if you have more of a spiritual experience when you are awake or asleep? It was always to my understanding that this is something you do before you sleep and the lessons or visions come to you in your dreams. Is this the case?

This being said, I am also a little nervous because I have not tried other drugs really (besides marijuana).

I've been practicing yoga and meditation for almost 10 years now so I'm wondering if this has an affect on your overall experience for when you do start going down this pathway as well?

Thanks again for this awesome community!

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