Photoconversion? (european Amanitas)

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Photoconversion? (european Amanitas)

Post by Fox » Mon Nov 23, 2020 1:18 pm

Hi lads and ladyes, Mr.Fox here.

I finally moved to my new home in the mountains, and I plan to go hunt those juicy amanitas soon.

I don't have a dehidrator... and I'm reluctant to purchase anything more expensive than the cheap 70º max from amazon, wich in practice reach 60 or 65º maximum... So the ibo to musci conversion will be... some? few? inexistant?... there are contradictory information around it, but I understant that even with no conversion at all, I can still convert a propper amout with cooking and lemon, I just gonna get more ibo to do fantastic things in the real world before muscimol takes me to the astral planes where all those sweet succubus are waiting for horny wizzards as myself...

Anyways, I heard that european amanitas (more red) are sligtly different, can that affect to temp conversion? also that they can photoconvert ibo to muscizone (what the heck is muscizone?) so... can I leave them in the sun a few hours before dehidrator for some ibo conversion? (I don't even dream of leaving them in the sun more than 3 or 4 hours, this part of the country es the most damped and foggy)

Also, I got some old radiators that keeps my home warm, they work reasonably well and cause an ascendant flow or hot air... I wonder if I can use that instead of a dehidrator. Honestly my country is one step away for becoming 3rd world and we get less basic salary than Greece, I don't live with that much money to spend on things that are not essential.

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