First harvest, drying, and experience

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First harvest, drying, and experience

Post by Stoned Ape » Tue Dec 01, 2020 9:36 pm

Finally got a small flush of amanitas, and found three caps worth bringing home with more buttons starting to pop through. Our toaster oven has a dehydrate function which is supposed to be 150 degrees, which isn't quite enough for decarb, though I'm assuming it actually runs a little hotter than advertised. I don't have a thermometer to confirm. Still, it took about 24 hours for the fatter button I picked to dry; the more open caps dried significantly faster. I was always curious why Amanita Dreamer smelled her caps, but they do smell reminiscent of baking bread while they're drying. I also expected that my three caps wouldn't amount to much, but they ended up being a combined 43 grams once dried, which really astonished me.

I'm planning to make a batch of tea this weekend, but they just finished drying, and I didn't want to wait to see what the amanita experience was like, so I decided to load up a pipe and give it a try. I couldn't figure out where my bong ended up in the move, so I ended up using a regular old pipe. The smoke was not as harsh as I expected; certainly less harsh than I find mullein on its own. Of course, they may come down to smoking cannabis fairly regularly for my insomnia, and breathing the smoke into my mouth and giving it a split second to cool before inhaling. It also had a pleasant flavor, reminding me grilled chicken with just a bit of char on it.

I finished one bowl and set a timer for 30 minutes, at which point I will smoke a second. I then came here to record the experience.

I'm now working on my second bowl. I did not remove the gills as Amanita Dreamer did. That may mean that I ultimately need to smoke more material than she did (I don't recall if Shmatty did in his video), but I feel like the gills help hold a good flame.

As I finish my second bowl, I wonder how the ibo content compares to the muscimol in this particular preparation, especially since I don't know if they were actually dried above 150 degrees. I don't know if the brief amount of flame is enough to get a good conversion, given that time seems to be a factor in the conversion. I'm wondering if parching the caps prior to smoking might provide a higher conversion. This was a common technique employed by Native Americans to prepare a variety of nuts and seeds (though, not for mind-altering substances, to my knowledge.) It may do nothing, but as I sit here waiting for something to happen, it's a thought that crossed my mind.

Now an hour in with no discernible effects and starting on my third bowl. If I have no discernible effects in 15 minutes, I may opt to have an additional bowl, rather than waiting the whole 30 minutes. I am suddenly struck with a desire to read fiction, which I haven't had in many years. I don't know if it's related, but it very well could be.

It's been 15 minutes with still no discernible effects, so I've gone ahead and started my fourth bowl. I'm almost halfway through my smallest cap. I will likely have a fifth bowl in another 15 minutes and then wait a bit to see if and how it hits. As an alternative to the parching method considered above, I've also thought about making and reducing a tea, and then coating mullein with the extraction, rather than smoking the caps directly. That would be another possible way to get a more ideal conversion.

Had my fifth bowl as planned. Now I'll sit and wait to see what if anything happens. I might feel mildly altered, but it's very mild. Perhaps a slight headache. I've set another timer for 30 minutes so I can check back in.

It's been about 4.5 hours since I smoked my first bowl. After my fifth bowl I scraped the gills from my cap and had 4 additional bowls relatively close together. At most I'm experiencing mild sedation and nothing else noteworthy. And even that I'm hesitant to attribute to the mushrooms, since I'm usually ready for a nap and this time of day anyway. I can't say whether this was a weak cap, an ineffective method of preparation, or I just didn't smoke enough over a short enough time period. I'll try tea this weekend and see if there's any effect. And if anything kicks in now that I've finished this last bowl, I'll pop back in to update.

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