I take amanita and turn into a big cat monster

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I take amanita and turn into a big cat monster

Post by Fox » Fri Dec 11, 2020 11:22 am

Well... I make my first experiment with the mushroom.

Nothing too fancy, a bit of chills, tingling, maybe more active, it remembers me a strong stimulant (didn't temp dry them) I really take ultra low dose as a personal toxicity/alergic test.
Later when I go to sleep... oh man... Weird dream stuff, very high mental activity. At some point I feel the electric oscilation and go out of my body... but I know it's not so simple to bilocate oneself, those experiences are more to the inner than to the external world, I inmetiatelly notice that this is not my real town, just a mental recreation, yet the clarity and conscience are full and I was capable of reasoning, the impresions are vivid and strong, an active hipnagogic alucinatory state, and I knew it in the experience.

I decide to enjoy flying around, but I soon notice that something are dragging me towars a black coffin shaped cage more and more strongly, why my subconscious places that? I don't want it, but I can't eliminate it no matter how hard I try, then I sort of realise that, the human soul can not stay long in this world whitout a body, and the coffin shaped cage is death (Dhu...) cursing the destiny I have no other option but to posses a cat going on the street, and in the cat I curse more and more the unfairness of the universe and I feel more strong the electric oscilations and power, has I turn into a big monstruous cat like creature, until the growls turn into some modulated sounds and I found myself back from the ''dream'', paralised in my body in a pre-bilocation state (uncontrolling breath, uncapable of move or wake up, but fully aware).
Sadly I didn't have enough potential at the moment to try a real bilocation, and I decide to interrump the state, anyways just concentrating the electric chill like thingy even a little, you feel absolutely amazing and renovated when you came back.

I don't know if the mushy have something to do with it as that type of experience is not unusual if you practice regularly, and is not that I can't trigger them on my own, maybe its a push? I need to experiment more.

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