Microdose powder preparation question?

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Microdose powder preparation question?

Post by Chernp » Sat Jan 02, 2021 10:59 pm


I bought 2 ounces of dried amanita caps.

The plan to do the following

I will dry them in my dehydrater for 24 hours. Mix them into fine powder in a blender to distribute the active caps better.

I was thinking of taking about a gram of the powder and place it into a teabag and simmer it with lemons for 25 minutes in order to make 1 microdose of tea each time and save the rest of the powder until I'm ready for the next microdose. Seems like an easier way to store it.

Wondering if simmering 1 gram of the powder each time in a teabag would be enough for Muscimol conversion and provide for a microdose in your opinion?

I'd prefer to try and have powder on hand rather than the tea if possible to just be able to make a tea for microdosing when I'm ready. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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