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Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 11:01 am
by Zee
I was excited to see Amanita Dreamer's new video mentioning tobacco, because I've been feeling drawn to work with this plant (as a sacred gift to the land) and also learn more about the possible medical uses of it. I didn't think there were any appropriate internal uses of tobacco, but I kept running across references to medicinal uses. (Wish I'd saved more of these references so I could look back at them now that I'm ready to learn more!) :-)

Anyway, I ended up buying a sample of tobacco from Leaf Only. Organic American Virginia Flue Cured. It took over twenty days to arrive. It got to me yesterday (shortly before AD uploaded her video!) and it smelled beautifully herbal - not like cigarettes at all. It feels like there's something special about it. I'm excited to learn more.

So far, I can recommend the Leaf Only supplier as a good alternative to buying cigarettes. Without having used it in any way yet, I feel a much better "energy" from it than from being around cigarettes. I feel like it will be a good sacred gift to the land.

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Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 5:10 pm
by tutursel

have you ever tried the Amazonian Rapé ritual tobacco? There is not one specific Rapé, but different blends for different purposes, created by different tribes and people. everywhere, this form of ritual tobacco is described as being intended for use in nature, to clear your energy pathways, to heal, for a purpose. so its really intentionally used, not recreational or for amusement. its painful, makes your nose run, makes your throat mucusy...

I highly suggest the shop at Waking Herbs if you are going to order it. They ship from the Netherlands, but this is a person with the appropriate relationships to the Native people to distribute ingredients. research it, as another option for using Tobacco, that is used also in relationship to Ayahuasca ceremonies.

I began using different blends of Rapé a year ago in December.

All I can say, is use it wisely and once you get your favorite blend, when you find yourself in alot of pain, so much that it just lingers over you, in your stomach, your throat - depression and doubt, go to the woods, find a quiet place alone to sit down. pray to the forest, pray to the people that made the blend and the blend itself that you come as a human disconnected, stained, wounded as a human separated from nature - but here to heal and recover ourselves through our reverence to nature... see how that makes you feel...

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Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 11:18 pm
by Zee
Thank you for your thoughts and recs. :-) I'll be interested to research that.

I have not used tobacco internally since an ill-fated experiment with smoking as a teenager. If I ever do so, I would like to do so in an appropriate and sacred manner. Till I learn how to do that properly (and if it's something I should do at all), I will use tobacco only as an offering to the land.

I'm glad to have another place to research and more to learn, so thank you for sharing this. :-)

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Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2021 7:58 am
by thevoluntaryway
A friend gave me some Tobacco seeds, some of which I managed to germinate a few months ago (Southern Hemisphere). This is my first time to grow it and my introduction to Tobacco is also still fairly recent as it's a common addition to Ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru - where they favour Nicotiana Rustica or Mapacho as they call it. What I've found is that even without inhaling there is an effect to be felt, which I believe is typical for pipe smoking. I also have a very nice natural cured Tobacco from Mexico - a brand called TeaPee ( and I've been experimenting with inhaling a little. I take a mouthful of smoke and try to slowly take it in as I inhale through my nose.