Microdsing Protocol

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Microdsing Protocol

Post by amanitadreamer » Sat Mar 13, 2021 5:18 pm

For the protocol see the video on the microdosing protocol on the channel on YT or if it has been taken down, find it on Odysee.

Why this protocol?
Firstly this is a guide to help give novices an idea of how to approach this. This is based, first on my personal experience which was then substantiated by others on the forum and those who write to me. Later it was confirmed for me based on the research of muscimol and its effects in the brain on the GABAa receptors, and I'm leaving the links here. Part of being AD is that I am a dumping ground of sorts or grand central station of people who message me, DM me, email me etc, their personal experiences, professionals who reach out to me and share their research, answer questions for me and over all put me in a unique position to have a perspective few others have. That mine is "correct" or perfect is not the case nor can it be without a scientific study. In the future the most I can hope for alone is to create a survey and the more people who answer it, the more it will be validated. There are drug trials underway which will be reported to the FDA by the end of 2021 but I don't have access to find out if they are trialing a microdosing schedule and they did not consult with me personally although they may have asked questions of me without me knowing what it was for. I won't ever know. This is MY personal protocol and I leave it here for others to use as a guide only and the hope is that in the future it helps to bring them to a place where their own inner voice and body can take over.

Keep in mind that most studies are done on isolated muscimol OR lab created muscimol which is going to have drastically different results than using the mushroom tea. But this at least gives some idea of the action of muscimol alone. We have no clinical trials so far on the effects of the whole mushroom extract.

Please read these papers for more information:

https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/ful ... /jnc.14646

https://www.sydney.edu.au/medicine/phar ... Fs/422.pdf

And definately read the Fly Agaric Compendium Part 5 chapters 22-29. The book is by Kevin Feeney and is available from all major retailers including Amazon.
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Re: Microdsing Protocol

Post by eucalyptus » Wed Apr 06, 2022 8:49 pm

Thank you! I was in dead end then I found your work and am now experiencing much healing.

Can you please explain if the intention behind this particular protocol is mainly in order to prepare for larger doses, or is it a protocol for general healing?

I am disabled by symptoms that respond well to GABA-genic compounds. If the intention is to establish a baseline for general healing then I would stick to the protocol until the "every 10 days" stage and after that do things like use it as a rescue remedy, try out soma, etc. If the intention of this protocol is mainly to prepare for larger doses then I have no particular interest in that at this point and would still microdose according to the protocol, but also microdose when I listen to my body and feel I need it, without caring about starting over.

I know this is not scribed in stone and is your personal protocol, but it would help a lot to understand this distinction. I also understand this will take time and patience and work and am in it for the long haul :D

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Re: Microdsing Protocol

Post by AlphaState » Fri Jul 22, 2022 4:54 pm

Good morning Amanita/Forum -
I am currently on the MD protocol, day 3. I'm trying to understand next steps after the 10 day protocol period. Does anyone have experience or information on dosing after the 10 day protocol period or do you continue on the 10 day period in perpetuity?

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