So, psilocybin mushrooms making new compounds

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So, psilocybin mushrooms making new compounds

Post by Amanita Sativa » Wed Sep 22, 2021 7:26 am

Psilocybin mushrooms with DT in the substrate incorporated the chemical into their synthesis of psilocybin.
This led to the creation of new biosynthetic compounds by the mushrooms.
Here is that study:

I was talking to a friend today, and I mentioned that possibly cows that ate amanita muscaria would likely excrete muscimol from their milk.
Possibly also their feces?

If so, this would create a muscimol-rich substrate for psilocybin that could have occurred naturally.

Could our ancestors have experienced a godlike forgotten psychedelic through the natural combination of Muscimol and Psilosybin into unknown compounds?

I was very interested so I looked at the chemistry,

This is what occurs normally in the psilosybin mushroom: ... athway.gif
Here is the muscimol molecule, which looks like the mushroom may use it in place of tryptamine: ... ucture.svg

It may even work to decarboxylate the ibotenic acid instead of tryptophan: ... ol_id=7939

Both tryptamine and muscimol are listed as amines which should imply similar reactivity, but I am not a chemist.

Anyone that is feel free to chime in.

Sorry for the lazy links I just wanted to showcase the chemical structures in a quick easy way.
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