Question on Preparation of the Tea

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Question on Preparation of the Tea

Post by Silverwheel » Thu Sep 23, 2021 7:31 pm


I'm getting ready to bake and boil my first Amanita caps for microdosing tea. And I had a couple of questions. Sure, I can find out via the scientific method but right now I'd like to take advantage of what others have learned.

So I understand that we're advised to simmer the caps rather than subject them to a rolling boil. Why? If the muscimol isn't damaged by 212 degrees - and that's as hot as you can get water in an open container - why bother with keeping it at a simmer? A simmer is only a few degrees cooler. From what I've learned from chefs, a simmer is preferred when you don't want to damage the integrity of what you're cooking and this isn't going to be presented at table.

Also, I see to add lemon juice, to complete the reaction. But how much? I've seen from AD's videos that she breaks up a cup of tea into 1/4 cup containers and freezes those that won't be used immediately. And I see that lemon juice is to be added, not in the simmering but just prior to usage. But how much lemon juice would be mixed into one of those 1/4 cups?

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Re: Question on Preparation of the Tea

Post by brandyrene81 » Thu Oct 21, 2021 3:58 am

After watching all the videos and reading other forums, they all seem to agree on the juice of half a lemon
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