on female hormonal progress

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on female hormonal progress

Post by Ragau » Tue Oct 05, 2021 7:33 pm

Dear cycling or post-cycle humans in this forum.

I'm about 45 and menopause is not in sight yet. But hormonal dysbalances may slowly show in the system, pushed by stress and also showing in experiencing more stress.
A lack of progesteron or estrogen overshoot are part of the problem, sometimes even evolving in serious hormonal diseases or histamine intolerances.
So I just learned progesteron sticks to GABA receptors, as muscimol does (!), which reduces stress and anxieties and takes a big role in bringing forward relaxation, good sleep, good melatonin level, opressin cortisol in the night.
I'm not that educated in the field, please correct if I get mixed up things.

So I did some microdosing with soma and found myself being much more relaxed, having good sleep (= feeling rested in the morning) and less triggered.
Also it was said in one of the workshops that the oils have been used as an anti-aging fluid. Also Progesteron may play a part in tissues being moistered.
Could the Amanita be a helper specially for women to deal with their hormonal voyage (during the cacling years as well as beyond)?
I'd love to hear from you sisters about your exeriences!

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Re: on female hormonal progress

Post by AngelTheodora » Mon Nov 08, 2021 6:19 pm

Hi there!

This is my first time posting here, so forgive my perhaps unsettled typing, but I felt compelled to begin here.
Thank you so much for starting this conversation - in a way it feels as though its why I am here, or at least starting this journey.

Personally, my cycle has always been challenging to me - causing disruption to relationships, with painful levels of anxiety, stress, anger, and depression in one week, whilst floating on air the other. Hormonal birth control prevented me from ever undestanding myself, as well as tampering with any natural balance even more. Only now, with the support of my partner and the ache of wanting to start a family, have I found myself starting a journey of understanding and syncing with myself, discovering what harmonises with my being as it ebs and flows through these cycles.

It feels only natural that my starting this journey aligns with the begining of my amanita journey. Last year on my 25th birthday my parents and fiance and I had our first psylocybin mushroom experience, which changed our lives to say the least. I have been waiting all year for season to come around to finaly explore and understand the amanita. I have the dehydrator loaded as I type!

Despite going to an all girls school as a teenager, I've never felt real sisterhood, always one of the guys, a shock to see in a skirt. But now, as I feel the ache to become a mother, I have never felt stronger the calling of my femininity. There's something in the way that AmanitaDreamer talks of the feminity of the amanita that has drawn me even closer to this red mushroom, and this community.

This is why I am so grateful that you have started this conversation. I'm desperately intrerested in your experience and the experiences of others with this medicine, and how it specifically affects the cyclical feminine experience. My family and I have already noticed nuances between the male and female psylocybin experience and I think these are important conversations that help with reintegration and better understanding of using these medicines.

Do you have an update at all on your microdosing of soma? I am really curious to try this process!

Love and light always,

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Re: on female hormonal progress

Post by Lexi » Sat Jan 08, 2022 1:50 am

New here and happened to catch this thread.

I just came across 2 things you might want to explore:

Womb healing:

and Coffee insertion: https://www.drlwilson.com/articles/COFFEE-VAGINAL.htm


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