99-100% Ibo Conversion Question

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99-100% Ibo Conversion Question

Post by Timaeus » Wed Oct 13, 2021 12:22 pm

So, I am a total beginner here, looking for help, and I just started making yogurt, and have been perfecting my technique. So far, I like using the Instant Pot because it is very easy.

Side note: I do have access to raw milk, but the dairy who sells it doses it with a culture in lieu of pasteurization. In other words, they buy some bacteria from a company, which they then dose the milk with, so that those (good) bacteria will take over, and prevent bad bacteria from coming in. So, if I want to make yogurt / soma with this milk, I'd probably have to pre-pasteurize myself, first. So far, I have been using simple, pasteurized whole organic milk from the store. Just the same, I intend to try this at some point.

So my question is this: If lacto-fermentation of a decoction of Amanita Muscaria, via yogurt can create gradients of the conversion of Ibotenic Acid to Muscimol based on the amount of time you incubate, or other factors, then what do those gradients look like in terms of the amount of time to incubate, and most importantly, how would I get 99-100% (total) conversion?

I have some dried amanita muscaria which I got from Minnesota Nice, and I am assuming they were not dried at high enough heat for any conversion. How do I need to process it beforehand, and how long do I need to incubate the yogurt (soma) in order to get total conversion?

Also, does anyone know anything about other factors, such as cultures? For instance, if I buy one store bought plain whole yogurt to use as starter culture, it may have three strains of bacteria, while another may have nine. Does anyone know if this would have any effect on how much Ibo is converted?

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