dried Amanita on pizza?

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dried Amanita on pizza?

Post by Matt » Wed Oct 13, 2021 11:58 pm

I have been preparing my Amanita muscaria tea following Amanita Dreamer's method. Basically:

- Dry in oven set to 180F with door propped open and the fan on until mushrooms are cracker dry.
- Store in glass jar with a desiccant pack.
- Lightly boil 15g of dried caps in about 1 cup of distilled water for 20 minutes.

Instead of doing the last step of boiling in water what could I expect if I just added them as a pizza topping that will spend some time in the oven with melting cheese? I want enough to contribute mushroom flavor to the pizza so this might be several full caps worth.

Anyone tried this before? And do you recommend it or am I just wasting my precious Amanita this way?
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