Decarbing & Smoking

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Decarbing & Smoking

Post by AngelTheodora » Mon Nov 08, 2021 7:59 pm

I wonder if anybody could help :)

I have been gleaning information from here and Amanita Dreamer's wonderful videos for several days now, but have one question still I can't seem to answer; is it reccomended to decarb the amanita for smoking or does the act of smoking handle the decarb process?

By which I mean, will I have the same effect smoking pre-decarbed and airdryed amanita?

Does the heat from smoking convert any of the ibo? Or do I risk getting a strong hit of ibo and little muscamol from this?

I have some air dryed caps but don't want to waste them if they won't work for a good smoking experience - especially since this will be my first experience with the mushroom!

Love & light,

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