Autistic Chronically Ill individual seeking information on Amanita Muscaria interactions.

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Autistic Chronically Ill individual seeking information on Amanita Muscaria interactions.

Post by MotherMycelium » Fri Nov 19, 2021 8:13 pm

Hello! Absolute beginner here posting for the first time, I'm trying to gather information on using this mushroom to treat several things, ideally from people who also have experience using it for these purposes. So this will be my call to anyone with- cPTSD, Autism, Elher's Danlos Syndrome, Chronic Migraines, Asthma, Endometriosis, POTs, and low muscle mass related to chronic illness! Have any of you experimented with Amanita Muscaria? Were you successful? Were there any side effects that seemed related to your pre-existing ailments that able bodied people haven't seemed to comment on? Did some methods of consumption have better/worse effects than others? You don't have to have all of the ailments that I do, but if you have any single one of them or know anyone who does, I would love to hear about your experiences!

I come here asking these questions directly after experimenting with THC edibles, having recently moved to a legal state, only to have found that for some reason they are physically painful to me in any dosage that's enough to make me feel anything at all. They did very little to help, only cause physical distress IE difficulty breathing, muscles relaxing so much that it put strain on them due to my low muscle mass and what I suspect to be a bad combo with my EDS. There's only so many times and so many angles at which I could bash my head against that metaphorical wall before I decided edibles are not for me. Is the high of Amanita Muscaria similar? What should I be most cautious of going into this considering my physical issues? I want to be as prepared and educated on this topic as I possibly can before I go and put something in my mouth. Also, for those experienced in this, is it true that marijuana can help with the negative effects/nausea induced by the mushroom? Does anyone know if it's THC or CBD responsible for this change? Though I'm asthmatic so I have to be incredibly careful, smoking doesn't have the same negative effects on me as edibles do, so that is an option for me- Though I would like to know the estimated balance of smoke to mushroom that's ideal for countering negative effects, is it a lot or only a few hits? Or is it a kinda smoke till you figure it out, different for everyone, kind of thing?

Lastly, is the amanita muscaria flaviola variant just about the same? I think that's mostly what grows around here, so far the internet doesn't think the distinction is super important on my brief research, but I'd like more information with those who have personal experience of course. And if anyone has information/experience on foraging in the Lost Coast CA, please reach out!

Thank you for your patience with all of my questions, I don't expect any individual one of you to have /all/ of the answers to them, but anything you may know or any information you can contribute will be a huge help, I look forward to seeing how this discussion progresses and learning from all of you!
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