Questions about tincture and smoking blends!

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Questions about tincture and smoking blends!

Post by Indig0 » Thu Dec 30, 2021 6:23 am

Hi everyone..I’m new here and I have some questions regarding Amanita Muscaria. I’ve never tried any psychedelics or entheogens before except for weed in the past.

I’ve been interested in psychedelics for a long time and I’ve always been reading or watching videos on the subject to learn more about it. I’ve been doing more research lately and found out about magic truffles and also Amanita Muscaria through Amanita dreamer videos and website. I've known about Amanita Muscaria for a long time actually and was always fascinated by it but thought it was toxic and didn't know about the preparation process.

So I’ve been watching a lot of the videos on preparation, microdosing, smoking but still confused about some things and have some questions. I will number them so it’s easier to read.

1) Since I’m still learning about AM and still have plenty of questions I feel I’m not ready to start making my own tea yet. So I decided I’m going to go with the tincture from Harmony Acres that was recommended on A. dreamer’s website. My question is how does it compare to the tea?..For how long do people microdose before taking a break?..and what are the differences in effects between taking a microdose vs larger doses of the tincture.

2) I also have a question related to the smoke blends A. dreamer sells on her website. Can you use a vaporizer to smoke it? And at what temperature if using a digital one with adjustable temperature?

3) I’m very confused about the drying process and don’t understand why we have to dry the mushrooms if we already buy them dried. Is it so we can store the dried caps longer or is it for making the tea? What’s the purpose of using a cheap dehydrator vs the more expensive ones. From what I understand is so we can convert more ibotenic acid to muscimol. So I get that part but I don’t understand know why do we have to do that?..isn’t making the tea or adding lemon enough? this meant more for eating them or taking larger doses?

4) What are the differences between microdosing with psilocybin vs Amanita and what are the differences in effects and uses in general?

I probably have a lot more questions but that’s it for now. I hope to hear your answers and get some feedback..thanks.

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