Fermented chili pepper/amanita sauce

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Fermented chili pepper/amanita sauce

Post by Peachy » Thu Dec 30, 2021 11:31 pm

So Ive been making fermented hot sauce for a few years now. Someone approached me with this article here https://patents.google.com/patent/US20140004084A1/en

So we brainstormed a bit, and I took my Amanita persicina that I picked back in 2017. Weighed about 50g dry caps. Mostly small partially opened caps. I did a warm water extract, about 160F for an hour or so. Strained the solids off as best as I could, and then put the liquid back on the heat to reduce. I got it down to a thick almost goo like paste. Stored it away in the fridge.

I then took about 316 grams of fresh from my plant home grown peppers. Various varieties and heat levels. Also added carrots and fresh ginger root as part of the total weight. I then added 32g of sugar, and 20g of salt( might scale that down a little next time lol). I blended everything together in a blender, and also added the amanita extract previously mentioned. The jars and cookware was all sanitized and in boiling water before use. Allowed to cool down before interacting with the sauce.

I tightened the lid all the way and kept the jar in a cool dark space. Each day burping without opening the lid all the way and if separation occurred I stirred it up. I fermented this for two weeks before the separation stopped and no more burping was necessary. I had one full pint jar of sauce total by the end of it.

According to my calculations I figured about 10-20mL of sauce would be a good dose. Ive been eating it every single night since it 'finished' fermenting. I could keep it going of course but Its very obviously not going to last long lol

So in the past before I knew of resources like this I used to just make tea or even eat dry caps raw. A lot of negative effects on most experiences. Most notably being the temperature swings and sweating while freezing lol. This sauce does not produce any of those effects so far. Ive done small doses, and large dose last night. It feels amazing. All the pain in my body from working construction goes away. The heavy muscle feeling comparable to other GABA agonists , without the completely inebriated motor skills lol. The best part though is how quickly I goto sleep. Jesus man, this stuffll knock you out quick.

One thing to note that was interesting about the process of making this. The amanita extract smelled absolutely foul AF. It was horrendous. I dont want to go into detailed description but it was really realy bad. The sauce for a few days, smelled terrible because of that. Eventually though that smell went away completely and it just smelled like a normal fermenting hot sauce. It even tastes good! I didnt think it would!

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text. I unfortunately cant prove if the conversion worked or not, but based on the paper i linked, i think I stand a decent chance compared to my previous experiences. It even feels completely different than it did before.

I thought Id share this hear tho, its been a while since ive posted last and I didnt want to forget about this place. <3 Enjoy.
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Re: Fermented chili pepper/amanita sauce

Post by lostmushroomforest » Wed Jan 05, 2022 8:55 pm

Really excited to hear about new Amanita ferments! It is very possible you got close to full conversion (90% range) with the method you used. Wild Lactobacillus species/strains have been experimentally shown to have the highest decarb rates. I've been working on somabucha (Amanita kombucha) and it's usually close to fully decarbed around the 2 week mark. I also notice some urine/gamey/animal smells coming from the ferment initially which faded/off-gassed after a week, which definitely came from the Amanita.

This makes me wonder if you could make a palatable Amanita mushroom ketchup by boiling crushed caps in just enough water to hydrate them / mostly sterilize them, adding necessary salt + Lacto-brine from another ferment, fermenting for 2 weeks, and filtering. Maybe it would get too funky though.

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