Amanita tea after acute pancreatitis

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Amanita tea after acute pancreatitis

Post by Sha » Thu Jan 13, 2022 8:00 am

Hi all! I've been searching the web on any info relating to this matter with no luck.
Last year in august I had acute pancreatitis, and am wondering if it would be advisable for me to drink amanita tea.
Does it even have any effects on the pancreas, and if so are they positive or negative.
And what organ the nausea is caused by sometimes after drinking the tea.

Also I'm taking citalopram (an SSRI) and amisulpride (antipsychotic) - would the tea interact with those medications? I can take alprazolam (xanax) in addition to them and it works on GABA receptors as well as the mushroom infusion does, but I'm confused.

I hope someone gives me an answer to any of the issues I've described.

Kind regards

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