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Beginners Preparation Guide

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2022 12:12 pm
by Shishi
Howdy Folks!

For my first post I've decided to share what took me roughly an hour of listening to videos (no captions = bad for someone who's hearing impaired) to record information that honestly, should be easily accessible. I considered briefly not making this post, but I'm not a gate keeper, and I am against gate keeping information in general. Gate keeping at it's worst is anti harm-reduction, and that's irresponsible.

Many of you who come here are probably looking for a safe way to consume Amanita Muscaria. All the information I could find via this site is from the videos found here:
And honestly, it's in a painful to digest format, and although videos are great, it shouldn't feel like attempting a labyrinth to find information. It feels like gate keeping information.

I enjoyed your recipe videos, they were fun and light hearted, you looked like you were enjoying yourself.

I'm going to preface this next part by saying that using only this forums search and the videos on the site above, I could not easily find dosage information, nor was I able to easily locate a text guide like the one I've typed below; information like that should be easy to locate in a pinned post (or several) for the sake of harm-reduction.

So, here we are, and here's the summarized text version of the preparation methods spanning 3ish videos:

How To Decarboxylate ( & Brew) Tea: ... p-kwm9c7v0
  • 0. Sterilize all containers using a dishwasher
    1. 1 cup distilled water (250ml) into pot
    2. 15 grams of dried Amanita, the more caps the better! (Notes A, B)
    3. Boil water in small pot, bring down to a simmer
    4. Simmer caps for 20 minutes
    5. Pour the water through a coffee filter (Note C) into a STERILE jar.
    6. Break up the tea into fourths and freeze ¾ of your containers; DO NOT ADD LEMON. (Notes D, E)
    7. With your remaining ¼ add lemon juice (Note E).
    8. Drink?
How to smoke: ... -kwm9c7v0
  • 1. Collect multiple caps (Note B)
    2. While fresh rake out the gills
    3. Dry them with heat @ 72C (155-160F) to convert Ibotenic acid (Note A)
    4. Once dried, break off pieces of each cap, and grind to a fine powder
    5. Measure your dose
    6. Place remainder in a sterile glass jar with a desiccant
    7. Store in a cool dark place
    8. Put your measured dose in your bong or pipe or vaporizer and inhale it!


A: Dried above 72c 155-160F. Heat required for converting Ibotenic acid. 30% conversion occurs.
B: Amount of Ibotenic acid can vary from one cap to another by as much as 600% (a hot dose)
C: Tea color should range from cc6641 - d16947 - e0890 - e6a178
D: Not frozen will last a week.
E: See Lemon Tek Video.


Instruction/teaching recommendations:

Need more than one sterilization method, whole video on sterilization.
Is there a reason to not specify sterile 'glass' containers that are air-tight?
"Fourths"? - 'Quarters' is less confusing vernacular for most of today's generation.
Drink as is?
How much of each cap to break off?
Weight of dose?
How to determine dose?


Live long and prosper,

Re: Beginners Preparation Guide

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2022 2:21 pm
by GoodLifeRobbie
Hi - I felt the same thing as you - except I don't think it is intentional that it is hard to find the info or any sort of gate keeping. We all have different skills and Amanita Dreamer prob has a lots of stuff to juggle. If you don't have computer skills it's hard to arrange a website in an easy format. It's too big a job for one person.

Hence I also did a post on first time use here viewtopic.php?f=5&t=806

It's such a new 'thing' that right now the info does seem very random and you got to spend a lot of research drilling down into it to pull out clear concise facts - but seems we have shown up to do just that :)

If I may - point 8. on your instructions it seems to say drink a 1/4 of the tea that is produced from 15 grams? Which would be just under 4 grams. Is that not a fairly hefty first time dose? - I took 0.05g and got a noticeable effect off that the first time I took it. I would not have wanted it to be too much stronger.

Or perhaps you mean keep in the fridge and drink but at different times over the next few days? May be worth adding some detail to that point if you don't mind me suggesting it.

Thanks for taking the time to write it - very glad you did [it's more thorough than mine] as stuff like this is needed I think. Probably AD can't say too much about how much to take and how - but we probably can. And the more people that post how much they 'think' is a micro dose and what works well then so much the better. I personally feel it's up to us the users of the forum to carry the baton so to speak from here on in.

Re: Beginners Preparation Guide

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2022 8:46 pm
by Dbcooper
Basically you did what we all did; come up with your own Cliffs notes. I'll play devil's advocate and say that you know a whole lot more about what the process entails than if it was just handed to you on Cliffs notes.

Re: Beginners Preparation Guide

Posted: Sun Jan 16, 2022 11:02 pm
by Paul-NC
Hi everyone, on Amanita Dreamer (AD) video called "Oven Drying Amanita Muscaria" she made it pretty clear the temps for converting ibotenic acid and muscimol of 30% conversion max. see video from 1:15 to 1:47. I'm going to follow her celsius numbers which is 73.8C to 87.7C
Hope this help
Paul :-)

Re: Beginners Preparation Guide

Posted: Mon Jan 17, 2022 2:01 am
by Dbcooper
It is very very hard using the oven, you are doing two things that contradict each other.

You need the ability to sustain the temperature at a specific range, while at the same time you need air movement in order to dehydrate. Your average oven can't do 160f, and is more likely to have a minimum temperature of 200f. Then there is the fact that without air movement (what sucks the humidity out) you are not dehydrating, you are baking. The solution of leaving the door a bit open just throws a monkey wrench in your ability to sustain a specific temperature, while still not providing enough air movement for dehydrating. I mean it would still work for dehydrating (eventually) but it would not be at the very specific temperature you would like to use.

Re: Beginners Preparation Guide

Posted: Mon Jan 17, 2022 10:58 am
by Indig0
Thanks for taking the time to write this guide. I agree that finding some of the information on drying and preparation was a bit hard to find on A. Dreamer’s website because there’s a lot of information and they are not organized in order but at least she has them organized by topic so that helps.

I’ve seen pretty much all the videos on drying, storage and preparation but still confused about some things. I made a thread 2 weeks ago regarding my questions but there were no answers. I noticed a lot of members will join and ask a question but seem like they left because they didn’t get any answers. The forum just seems very inactive unfortunately.

I think it would be a good idea to have a sticky Q&A thread or a thread where new members can ask their questions about basic preparation. Even after watching the videos or reading your guide everyone is going to have some specific questions about something they don’t understand clearly.

For example I’m very confused by the drying and storage process. Like how does the dried caps and powder you buy online differ in their preparation and storage from the ones you find yourself. That's very unclear to me.

Re: Beginners Preparation Guide

Posted: Mon Jan 17, 2022 6:10 pm
by Eriks
Why complicate things?

cut mushrooms into small pieces, get water to 2.5-3.0 pH, bring to boil with lid on, lower heat and simmer for three hours with lid on, strain and discard mushrooms

Lemon juice have ph2-3 . So why not boil them in lemon juice.

Measure the dry caps before and divide that with the liquid you end up with. Ex 10grams 1,5 dL.
That makes 1 tablespoon 15ml equals 1 gram.
Try half a tablespoon, if it doesn’t make it for you add half a tablespoon next time.

Ps, you can add water to your solution to make it easy to measure.

No need for sterilized equipment, normal clean is enough. It will last in the fridge a couple of weeks anyways. The rest you will have to freeze.