Microdosing results at 5 weeks

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Microdosing results at 5 weeks

Post by Plantman72 » Wed Feb 16, 2022 4:26 am

So I've been microdosing with a tincture that I ordered online (has a red mushroom pic). I'm doing a stack with 7 drops AM tincture + lion's mane + niacin. It is 4 days on, 3 days off. (This is based on Paul Staments psilo stack.)

A few quick details about me: 49 year old male. History of anxiety and depression, it runs in the family. Physical fitness is OK for my age.

I'm taking two perscription meds: gabapentin and mirtazapine.

The first two weeks of microdosing, I didn't notice anything. But by week 4, I can say that I've had less of the overwhelmed emotional feeling that caused me to start taking mirtazapine last year. I also seem to have a lot less anxiety about driving or social situations. These effects have held into week 5. Just to be clear, I'm not totally free of anxiety. But I have noticed a reduction, enough to make a difference in my qualtiy of life. These results I can attribute to the AM. (Note that I was already taking lion's mane. It helps me with mental endurance - I'm in grad schood and need to study a lot. It gives me a few extra hours of ability to focus.)

I had to be careful with dosing. I was getting dizzy spells at 10 drops, possibly due to interaction with my meds (that also work on the GABA pathway). But at 7 drops, I don't notice any effects after taking it.

I'll also mention that I've had a lot of interesting dreams recently. I had been in a bit of a dry spell for dreaming. I've had a couple per week that really stand out and make their way into my dream journal. I do believe there is a spiritual side to this medicine. I'm very much interested in the "plant spirit medicine" topic.

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Re: Microdosing results at 5 weeks

Post by October12ThMan » Tue Dec 06, 2022 2:37 am

Plantman, Sorry I couldn't post on here a year ago, but I'm just getting into the Amanita world. How have things been? Did you make adjustments/improvements? I just received my order of dried caps, as well as a 1:4 ratios Tincture. I think from the same seller you bought yours from, All things Amanita. It has the red AM on the label. If you are still on here, please give me an update. I hope all has been well for you.

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