Microdosing results at 5 weeks

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Microdosing results at 5 weeks

Post by Plantman72 » Wed Feb 16, 2022 4:26 am

So I've been microdosing with a tincture that I ordered online (has a red mushroom pic). I'm doing a stack with 7 drops AM tincture + lion's mane + niacin. It is 4 days on, 3 days off. (This is based on Paul Staments psilo stack.)

A few quick details about me: 49 year old male. History of anxiety and depression, it runs in the family. Physical fitness is OK for my age.

I'm taking two perscription meds: gabapentin and mirtazapine.

The first two weeks of microdosing, I didn't notice anything. But by week 4, I can say that I've had less of the overwhelmed emotional feeling that caused me to start taking mirtazapine last year. I also seem to have a lot less anxiety about driving or social situations. These effects have held into week 5. Just to be clear, I'm not totally free of anxiety. But I have noticed a reduction, enough to make a difference in my qualtiy of life. These results I can attribute to the AM. (Note that I was already taking lion's mane. It helps me with mental endurance - I'm in grad schood and need to study a lot. It gives me a few extra hours of ability to focus.)

I had to be careful with dosing. I was getting dizzy spells at 10 drops, possibly due to interaction with my meds (that also work on the GABA pathway). But at 7 drops, I don't notice any effects after taking it.

I'll also mention that I've had a lot of interesting dreams recently. I had been in a bit of a dry spell for dreaming. I've had a couple per week that really stand out and make their way into my dream journal. I do believe there is a spiritual side to this medicine. I'm very much interested in the "plant spirit medicine" topic.

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