vintage amanita best bet

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vintage amanita best bet

Post by cloudbuster » Thu Mar 17, 2022 1:58 am

Hi! I am making amanita tea for the first time. Four years ago I harvested some amanita and dried it. I do not know if I dried it as high as 155 F although it is possible. It was stored airtight and still looks and smells good. I am planning to boil it for 20 min according to the video on

Is this my best bet?

Four years ago when I harvested it I did not know about amanitadreamer (if the channel and site even existed). Info on the internet was scarce and the advice of a local shaman seemed suspect (boil it and then eat the flesh?)

I had tried eating very tiny amounts 4 years ago and was not a fan of the nausea. But I found amanitadreamer so here I am now. If this works I will go through the trouble of harvesting more.

I am trying to cure health issues that seem GABA-related. I'm learning all I can but am presently disabled and it's very hard to take in information.

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