interaction of amanita with niacin (or other vitamins)

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interaction of amanita with niacin (or other vitamins)

Post by eucalyptus » Wed Apr 13, 2022 5:18 pm

Sometimes I take flush niacin. It's one of the original orthomolecular compounds and can help with many things. If I flush it usually doesn't last long, 60 min at the most with a big dose.

I microdosed amanita one day and two hours later took niacin. I had not previously taken them on the same day. After amanita the nicain flush was very strong and lasted at least 4 hours (I went to bed and fell asleep, so it could have been even longer).

I conclude that amanita and niacin don't play well together. I had doubts about trying this since with amanita you are connecting to the spirit of the mushroom, but what is the spirit of white isolate powder niacin to connect to?

Anyone have similar experiences, or thoughts on the matter?

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