psylicibin source?

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psylicibin source?

Post by Nelson » Fri Aug 19, 2022 6:00 pm

I am brand new, two weeks ago I started microdosing an Amanita tincture I bought from All Things Amanita - who used to be a vendor untill just recently.

Please forgive my erroneous post (?),,, but it did say: "anything"

I completely trust this community (just joined today).

I did a search on this forum for psylicibin and came up with zero results

I am very guided with my dreams,,,and synchronicities,,,I saw a psycilibin mushroom in my dream that initiated my journey,,,,I came across AmanitaDreamer and fell in love with her style of presentatioin, and volumes of knowledge, and trusted vendors, and phenomenal community - it was all right here! So I started with Amanita.

I followed all the suggestions and followed on Instagram also,,,,and that experience has opened up a flood gate of all kinds of vendors "jumping onto my feed" wanting to sell me all things illegal. I'm 68 yrs and that was a whole new untrustworthy experience for me - I have since uninstalled Instagram and am only going to deal with this community here.

My waking vision lately, while showering, was a cow pooping,,,,now I am interpreting that as another psylicibin nudge since that is a classic medium of fruiting bodies of psylicibin.

So please entertain my query: can anybody make a referal for me, or a suggestion on how to proceed? I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

I did query All Things Amanita for a suggestion (since I had a good experience with one purchase) and he will not repsond to my emails...So I am trying find assistance somewhere.

Thanks for your attention to this request.


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