Making Amanita Regalis tea

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Making Amanita Regalis tea

Post by Tobbe » Thu Oct 20, 2022 1:38 pm

The day before yesterday, I did the second attempt at making Amanita Muscaria Tea! I had ordered 30 grams of Amanita Regalis from one of the well known vendors and I was very pleased with their service. I weighed 26 g of dried caps and the rest was powder. Nothing much to do about it so I didn't bother that much. I have studied pages that focus on how to do a good decarb, but I added my own kinda "shoot from the hip"-style! One funny thing is that I've started to communicate with Amanita, which I feel is a She, both by thought and speech and that has brought a great joy to my life!

I began taking 6,5 deciliters of lemon juice and 8,5 dl of very clean water (from 90 meters deep under the ground), then added 90 grams of citric acid and tasted after each 30 gram bag. When I felt it was enough, I added the smaller pieces of caps and simmered them for three hours. First hour with lid on, second hour off and the third hour on again. After a while into the simmering, I was beginning to think that this might be a rather strong "brew"! Calls for caution! :D I started to prepare the glass liquor bottle with cooking water to sterilize it. When I found the bottle in a secondhand shop in town, I also found a cheap blue wine glass made of plastic that looked old but not really worth buying to me. Then a strong thought entered my mind a couple of times: "Buy it!!" Now it's my ceremonial cup together with a bowl I found in my mothers cabin!

After three hours I strained the caps out and walked to a tree near the cabin, put them by the root, kneeled and said Thank You!

Totally I ended up with 6 deciliters, filled the bottle and then a small medicine bottle with a dose pipette. When I was done it was late at night and I then drove to my moms apartment. Took one squeeze (1 milliliter) in the cup, filled it with some water and drank it. Slept like a baby! The next day I tried 3 ml. First I didn't feel anything but after a while I felt excited with a mild heart rush and a strange feeling in my gut. Felt exactly the same as when I tried psilocybin chocolate the first time! Nothing more happened that time, and today I tried 2 ml. Just what the doctor ordered! ;) :D

My question is: Can Amanita Regalis really be that strong, or can you put this in the placebo category?

Take care everyone! /Tobbe
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