Which parts to use

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Which parts to use

Post by ScoobySnacks79 » Sun Oct 30, 2022 10:47 pm

Hi everyone.

Very new mycophiles here. I've spent the past year learning the dangerous mushrooms (and a few of the safe ones) in the UK.

I've always been fascinated by psychoactive drugs, although I've actually tried very few myself. I'm particularly interested in natural medicines (to go along with the woodcraft/survival/foraging theme) and have recently been reading up a huge amount on Amanita Muscaria. I have chronic shoulder pain following heart surgery and I'd dearly love to be able to cut down on the opioids and gaba inhibitors, so I'm going to have a go at making a topical ointment. I'm also thinking of trying some micro dosing.

So anyway. To the topic.

When people prepare these fungi, do you use the whole thing, or just the cap? Does the stipe contain ibo and muscarine? Or is it not worth bothering with?

I've got a local patch that seems to be really productive still, and a dehydrator. So I can pick and store (I have several kilos of various mushrooms already stored up from the past season of happy hunting).

Out of interest, approximately what's the wet/dry ratio? I know cep lose between 75% and 85% weight on drying. Are A. Muscaria similar?

And one more question. What do people think is the best method for making a topical salve? I believe ibo and muscarine are water soluble. I've played with double extraction tinctures but uncertain whether I'd be able to transfer the active ingredients to a wax, to make it usable topically.

I'm open to all and any ideas.

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