Taking Amanita Muscaria while tapering Benzos

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Taking Amanita Muscaria while tapering Benzos

Post by ccb73 » Fri Dec 23, 2022 12:31 am

Hi. I'm tapering Klonopin from 1.75 and my doctor is doing an approximate of .25mg taper per month. It's relatively rapid and I actually feel horrible in withdrawals. Last time I went from 2mg to 1.75, I suffered horrendous depression and anxiety. I was even suicidal and that prompted my doctor to increase Lamictal to high levels. After the last updose, I felt better for a week and than relapsed badly. He increased Lamictal even higher and is convinced that I don't suffer from withdrawal as I'm most likely suffering from the condition itself.

I would like to try micro dosing but a Reddit user said that it was discouraged by the community leader. I really need the help and would appreciate if this question can be answered. Also, if I can get information how to dose and maybe other things that can help!


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